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    Audi A4 B5 quattro 1.9TDI project, target 400hp

    Hello, So I wanted to make topic about my next project car which target is 400hp on diesel only. Car had 2.5TDI V6 engine, but that engine will be changed to 1.9TDI engine. Modifications what is planed to do, to reach this target: Ported Head Lighter valves 10mm lift camshaft Hard valve...
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    Big nozzles for VP engines

    I wanted to know other people experience with big nozzles for VP engine and max power, what is get out from them and with what size pump. As there isn't good product in market for like 0,350+mm size nozzles, wanted to know, what size can fully supply 350+ hp on engine. And maybe someone know...
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    N146 Quantity adjuster doesn't reach requested

    Hello, So I get some trouble with quantity adjuster for VP37 pump. In this year I fitted bigger turbo, so I needed to add more fuel, so I changed N146 map, but there I get problem, that mechanicaly QA don't reach requested voltage. In group 19 lower limit is 0,760V and upper limit is...