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    A4 TDI parts, Hakkapeliitta Q snow tires & wheels

    Hi. I sold the wheels and tires this morning. Thanks, Ed
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    A4 TDI parts, Hakkapeliitta Q snow tires & wheels

    Sinking Spring is just outside of Reading. Looks like about 97 miles. Shipping on the chemicals wouldn't be too expensive with UPS, but shipping the tires looks a little pricey.
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    A4 TDI parts, Hakkapeliitta Q snow tires & wheels

    The filters just got sold about 10 minutes ago.. sorry about that. -Ed
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    A4 TDI parts, Hakkapeliitta Q snow tires & wheels

    I sold my 2003 Jetta TDI this week and I'm cleaning out the spare parts in my garage. I'll take offers on single items or groups of items. I can accept Paypal (preferred), checks, money orders, cash, etc. I get good commercial-account UPS shipping rates and will ship items for actual shipping...
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    Feeler/FS: 2003 Jetta Wagon GL TDI in Reading, PA

    update: car sold Hi everyone. The car has been sold. -Ed
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    Feeler/FS: 2003 Jetta Wagon GL TDI in Reading, PA

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to move into a larger car (possibly a Passat TDI), and I'm thinking of selling my 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI. Specs are: 48,800 miles 5-speed manual transmission Black exterior, black cloth interior GL trim w/power windows, power locks, double-DIN CD/Tape radio...
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    You will not believe this......

    With the way trucks have to pay fuel taxes, it's relatively easy to get credit for taxes paid on reefer fuel at the same time.
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    Tire recommendations for 03 GLS Golf?

    Wouldn't this induce odometer error, since the odometer is typically dead accurate while the speedometer usually reads slow?
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    Tire recommendations for 03 GLS Golf?

    AFAIK, the Contis only come in 91. The Michelins do come in 89 or 91, though.
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    First Oil Change at 5K mi. on 2004 Jetta TDI story

    $55? 4 x $6.50 = $26. $6 for the filter? $32 total. And with oil changes every 10k per the book, $32 isn't too bad, really
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    GEICO now available in Jersey!!

    Oh, boy, you're so lucky. Now you can be taunted by their bad service, too!
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    Sold my 03 TDI!

    Hey, check this out, a tdiclub member is selling an 82 MB 300D. If you're heading back to the east coast to visit, it's in MD. I was thinking of buying this, but my other half would kill me.
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    Need help....please...UPDATED

    Need help....please... Hey Kregars.. I'm in the general SE PA area, too. Any chance you'd name this dealer? I'm curious..
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    How can i get a 2004 or 2005 Jetta TDI

    Have you ever noticed how many semi trucks have trailers registered in Maine? Maine has favorable trailer registration prices and policies, and many companies have mail forwarding services provide Maine addresses for registration purposes. I bet this would work for consumers and cars, too...
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    Stanadyne Performance Formula Users

    In some old posts here in the forums, some have said that Amsoil's product is repackaged Stanadyne.
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    VW Parts Web Site is also a good place to get parts.
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    Mobil Truck and SUV

    It's on sale this week in Pep Boys stores for $3.99/qt, limit 12, using a coupon in the flyers at the front door. I'm not sure how regional Pep Boys is, though.
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    ATE super blue brake fluid

    I'm not sure if they allow local pickup, but I've mail-ordered ATE Super Blue from (in Groton, CT). They sell it for $9 per liter on their web site.
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    15" steel wheels

    15\" steel wheels I just wanted to second the suggestion to check the dealership. I picked up a set of four from my dealer (HA Boyd, Lebanon, PA) for $100 for my snow tires. They were practically new, OEM, and line up with the factory wheel covers.