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    CL find: MK2 golf diesel

    not mine but figured someone may be interested. since foobert's is gone :( thought i would pass this along.
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    rust repair/bondo

    I have never done any body work and would like to take care of some rust issues this fall. can someone recommend a step by step process link of what works vs. what may be considered a "waste of time". sorry, I know nothing about the process and would appreciate any input. I have some bubbling...
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    well after a 10 hr day, I was leaving the job site and noticed a "clicking" and pulled to the side of the street. Found a screw in my tire, turned back around and looked at the tire, looked fine. Hijo de pu**ta, I do not have my tire gauge, so I pull out an extension cord and my compressor and...
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    Yamaha motorcycles???

    I have a friend that is moving out of the country in a month and would like to take his TW200 with him but it is cost prohibitive. I have not even been on a motorcycle in 20 yrs. (read zero knowledge) and was hoping that some of you guys/gals may have some input. if you are knowledgeable about...
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    charlottsville, va favor requested

    i am looking at a '90 ford ranger on craigslist and am hoping that someone in the area could go take a quick look (drive) at it as a favor. will donate $100 to tdiclub for your time if it turns out to be as good as it looks. wondering if I can drive it home (chicago) and how badly rusted it is...
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    Question Re: rear bumper, absorber and other parts

    My mother was just rear-ended by a hit and run driver, no air bags deployed (she is fine). I am down visiting at the moment and am thinking about doing the work myself ($1000 deductible) and have a few questions. I have no experience with this but am pretty certain the bumper removal will be...
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    "Art Project"

    My grandfather owned a full-service station many years ago and about a year ago I found a impact wrench in a drawer at my parents. I finally hooked it up to a compressor today and needless to say that in the 30+yrs since my GF died it no longer works. There is the possibility that I may try to...
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    thanks (again) tdi club

    just wanted to say thanks again to everyone here for the great information. before i found this site i did not know how to do much to my car. since, i have changed the transmission fluid, removed my headliner and installed an oem roof rack; have partially removed the dash to install a new...
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    forum for 2002 Chevy Tracker

    i believe i already know the answer to the info i need but i would like to verify. ex-fiance had a dead battery this morning, the radio says "error" and is continuously trying to eject a disk which she swears is not in there.:rolleyes: owners manual had zero fuse info so i pulled the radio and...
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    thanks fred, mods, et al

    thank you for softwear update, regarding members photo albums,it is far more convenient to lurk without logging in. i for one appreciate the change.:D ciao, waltz
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    dad's 06 Passat 2.0T gasser

    as the title states, my father has an 06 Passat gasser 2.0t, he is running up close to his extended warranty (100k) and asked me to ask the great wealth of information (aka tdiclub) here what he should have looked at before it runs out. This is an auto w/ 96k and new trans fluid at 50k, he...
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    engine efficiency comparison questions

    hello guys and gals, i have been reading the discussions here on the recently released articles comparing 40 mpg that come out annually and have a few questions. It may only be one question but because i am not sure how to actually phrase it, i may have to ask it more than one way. okay...
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    learning to drive a stick shift near chicago

    hello guys and gals, a friend of mine wants to learn how to drive a stick and i was wondering if anyone knows of or has any experience with a school in DuPage or Cook county. i learned from my parents, my dad required this for me to get my license, but remember a fair amount of stress and...
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    just an fyi broadview, il

    saw this on the way home tonight and thought someone may be interested. i have no affiliation or knowledge of either the dealer or car. hope the link works. it's a 2005 man. w/ 143k priced at $7,500...
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    wgn radio john williams show

    anybody catch the show today around 1:30 pm. hopefully this link will work,0,7707010.mp3file just thought some of you may find this lady from "Move"- "americans out for vehicle efficiency" hilarious yet scary. starts about...