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    The damage a fork lift fork will do....

    Also, what is the cost of a rebuilt transmission and installation?
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    The damage a fork lift fork will do....

    Well it's been over a month at the repair shop and the verdict I feared from the beginning of this mess came true. The insurance company called yesterday and said my car was declared totaled. The cost of replacing the transmission pushed the repair limit over the threshold. So now I'm in a...
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    The damage a fork lift fork will do....

    My wife was driving her 2001 Jetta TDI down the interstate when the car in front of her swerved. My wife didn't have time to swerve away from the unknown obstacle laying on the road. Well she ran over it and much damage incurred. Luckily she was right by an exit ramp because the car died and...
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    blowing sound with acceleration?

    Hey moved2tdi, I didn't even notice you live down the road. Looks like Louisiana might need to have a GTG.
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    blowing sound with acceleration?

    I had an issue just like that. A couple of weeks after a timing belt job I began to notice that blowing air sound. I checked all my Turbo/EGR/intercooler hoses and could find no leaks. The car was lower on power but nothing major. Couple weeks passed and the noise continued on, so I did more...
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    Good Glue For Emblems?

    I used some black silicone on mine and they are still on there nicely after 10k miles.
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    Fuel Filter - Purolator, anyone using this brand?

    I am using a Purolator fuel filter with the two black o-rings and having no problems with leaks. I used a MityVac to prime the filter.
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    ebay glow plugs

    I fixed the link. Thanks BB for pointing out the mistake. I will know better next time.
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    ebay glow plugs

    Does anyone have experience with these glow plugs? Let's hear some opinions... web page
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    AutoTap OBDII scanner

    Solved the problem. My friend has a version that only works for GM vehicles, neither of us knew that. Newer versions do work on all OBDII vehicles though. Oh well, it still works wonderfully on my truck!
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    AutoTap OBDII scanner

    BTW, I have a 2001 Jetta. AutoTap is supposed to work with every OBDII vehicle and supports the following protocols: J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, ISO 9141, and ISO14230. Some more information: the cigarette lighter fuse was blown and apparently the DLC might be on the same electrical circuit. I...
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    AutoTap OBDII scanner

    A friend let me borrow his AutoTap OBDII equipment ( and I have been using it just fine on my Chevrolet. When I tried connecting it to my VW, it's not connecting and saying "no vehicle is found". I've made sure the connections are all good. The AutoTap gets its power through...
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    Strange Noise at 1800-2000rpm

    I just changed the TB and did the EGR mod on mine and now my Jetta is making the whoosing sound. Sounds like the cabin air filter is sucking in air. My timing is advanced but still within spec.
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    Here we go again! HELP!

    Alright, doing timing belt change. Everything going fine. Got to the stage where we bumped the engine to make sure the TB is set. Success. Then the rain came and so we started it up to back down ramps; however we forget that we had the serpentine belt halfway on. So heard a pop(belt...
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    coolant temperature sensor location

    I tried searching but could not find where the sensor is located on an 01 Jetta auto? If anyone has pics, that would be even better.
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    Why no glow time?

    Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a Jetta with the automatic transmission? I couldn't find it when I tried to test the relay.
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    Roaring in front end

    I have a roaring in my front end as well, but it's only at low speeds turning left. Could a CV joint be going bad?
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    Engine Suddenly dies?

    Try changing Relay 109.
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    Timing Belt in Atlanta

    My Jetta TDI is actually my fiance's, but it'll be mine by year's end! I didn't know anything about VWs until I was reading her service manual and saw that the TB should be replaced at 40,000 miles. I then found this wonderful site. By the way, she is now approaching 60k...
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    Timing Belt in Atlanta

    Even though I live over in LA, I might be interested in getting Dave to do my timing belt work also because I can't seem to find anyone in my neck of the woods. How much does Dave charge?