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    Center console falls down with any weight on it

    Looks like there are a few things that can go wrong with the center console. Any easy way of stopping the center console from falling down when weight is placed on it without converting to an 03+ type? I wasn't sure if this was a common problem. Thank you.
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    Slip on Rockers, anyone ever install a set?

    Hi, I have a set of these laying around and want to install them....might as well: What type of adhesive did/would you use? This looks to be the right stuff...
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    Pulled oil pan, how much of the oil am I actually getting rid of?

    I pulled the oil pan after jacking it up by the pan accidentally (tired and mistook it for the auto trans) and creating a small hole. :eek: I guess it isn't the worst thing on earth as I found a loose helicoil behind the drain plug when I pulled the pan and I wanted to go from a 5w30 oil to a...
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    EGR and cooler blockoff effect on mpg?

    I know that getting rid of the cooler effects MPG in the winter due to longer warmup times. However, are there any effects on fuel economy for leaving the check engine light on and ignoring it for the EGR itself? I am considering getting that light turned off so that I will know if there are...
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    EGR cooler delete on Auto?

    Hi, I recently broke the EGR cooler bellows and I want to get rid of the cooler but it is an Automatic. I searched around and all of the remedies appear to be piecemealed together along with what to buy. I don't mind spending money on the right kit or kits. I just don't want to deal with the...
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    Jack and jackstands....where to jack to get the vehicle up highest off the ground?

    I am a pretty big guy and want to know where to jack the vehicle up from to obtain maximum height from the front. I have an SUV jack and a set of jack stands that can go every bit as high as the jack and more but I have never had a vehicle be so low (relatively speaking) when jacking it up. I...
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    Smoking all the time

    Hi, I get exhaust smoke at idle at startup but it appears to be much more so when cruising even after many hours. The intercooler only produced a quarter sized area of oil max from the drain plug I installed. The big thing is that the smoke appears to be blue or white....synonymous with head...
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    P0228 - (Throttle Position Sensor G79)

    Hello, I started the car this morning and as I drove it down the road I noticed that the EGR cooler was making loud noises and bouncing around while hitting the fuel pedal. It is clearly loose. When I replaced the turbo, I found it too hard to get the bottom bolts on and didn't feel like...