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    Leaking 02J and noise in reverse

    Posting this for a friend third hand, so it will take a while to answer any questions. His son's car, away at college and possibly has to come home. " He said his transmission started making a weird noise based off axle rotation (as best as I could get from him) and was leaking transmission...
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    03 beetle parts car, stage 4 complete

    03 beetle parts car, stage 4 complete, Seattle, $1000 front end damage. X-man GT1749VC based hybrid PD150 intake and race pipe Buzzken 2.5 turbo back with resonator 3 BAR MAP Kerma DLC 764 nozzles Malone stage 4 tune South bend stage II endurance clutch and flywheel It will start and run, but...
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    swapping ECM from 03 to 02 beetles

    Short story: Wrecked the 03, with stage 4+ tune and parts in it. We have an 02 and my question is, will the ECM drop in there OK ? We may be getting a different car, so I could keep the 02 and junk/part out the 03.
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    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    It has 190k miles on the original pump. Recent filter change. It's been at Malone stage 4 + with 764s and a 17/22 and the little bits for 20k. Great fun :) I could get a hard vapor lock on it if I stood on it before it was completely warmed up. Now it has a dead pedal when cold, that improves...
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    MkIV beetle pops left running light fuse 23

    I pulled all the bulbs and sockets, and removed the trailer wiring harness. With nothing plugged in or hooked up it blows a fuse instantly. I looked at the immediate wiring but have not crawled in too deep yet. instrument lights, dimmer, and heater illumination works fine, right side running...
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    01' TT parts into a beetle

    Is that pan going to work in my 03 beetle? I have the chops and help to cut it out and weld it in.
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    02 ALH did not start this morning :-(

    My wife's beetle turns over, chugs and smokes a little, but no start. Ran great when she parked it Saturday. I will check valve and pump timing when I get home. Any other suggestions?
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    advanced timing

    Using TDI timing in VCDS, I ended up about 2 pixels above the green after many attempts to land right on it. Is that something to worry about, or is it close enough?
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    custom scangauge install in New Beetle

    I have started the personalization on my Beetle :D The rounded dash and steering column parts have a nice OEM look, but are not good for new radios, little doodads like a scangauge, etc. I had it velcroed to the top of the column, but it obscured the fuel and tach, and I had to reach behind it...
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    new beetle intercooler upgrade

    Will the Jetta units physically fit into the space in the NB fender? EDIT: I looked at pictures. I will have to cut off and weld on the outlet to make things work...
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    WTB stainless exhaust flange ALH

    Looking for a flange to start my custom exhaust.
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    Beetle ALH build, suggestions welcome

    Here weeeee go! I got a blinded by a Malone 1.5 tune, and stumbled down the slope :P I ordered a 1749VC hybrid, so that is on the way. euro PD150 manifold DLC 1019 nozzles? 2.5" turbo back exhaust? 3 BAR Map Tune to taste Wafflling back and forth between Race pipe and the Malone dynamic EGR...
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    LUK DMF clutch vs SBC

    I know SBC makes great parts and has great customer service, so we can get that out of the way. My goals are a daily driver with no more than ~170 HP/ mid 200's on torque. A LUK DMF kit is less than $400, and I can't get near the SBC stuff for less than 500 plus turning my old Sachs DMF...
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    03 beetle hesitates, then pulls great

    It is totally drivable, but according to my other car and my friend with a '00 beetle there is something slightly amiss. I have a scangauge but no VCDS yet. Car has 148K and has had all the services done at the dealer by the previous owner. One thing he suggested was possibly a problem with...
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    03 beetle hesitates, then pulls great

    If I run through the gears hard it has a serious 'hole' till it gets boost going. Under normal driving it is not noticeable. I got it used with 145K miles, and have not pulled or inspected the intake yet. I wonder if that is a good symptom of a plugged up intake, it lacks volume till it gets...
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    One of these things is not like the other....

    Here is the diesel fleet. I added the silver 02 today because my wife wanted to fight over my black 03. I fixed her :) 96 Dodge 2500 CC auto: 2003 GLS with fabric: 2002 GLS with leather