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    Joined the 400k club today

    400k US miles Brett
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    I was able to adapt a new key to my 2006 Jetta TDI. My experience

    In short, you can adapt a new key to a 2006 TDI's immobilizer system yourself with a Ross-Tech VCDS, but you have to have the immobilizer PIN (also called the SKC code). With the PIN in hand, just follow the instruction from the Ross-Tech wiki...
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    Hi all. First post on the MkV forum. I've been on the MkIV ALH forum since 2013 with my 02 Jetta wagon. I've just acquired an 06 BRM manual Jetta sedan. 188,000 miles. It's got a major engine imbalance at idle when warm. See video. To me, the...
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    Failed tappet. Accepting recommendations.

    2002 Jetta wagon, 350,000 miles. I had a sudden development of a misfire while driving home several days ago. I made it home (about 10 miles of highway driving), but there was clearly a significant issue. There was major noise under the valve cover. I got the valve cover off this morning...
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    Plastic idler pulley disintegrated at 345,000 miles. Advise replacing preemptively.

    I've got 345,000 miles on my Jetta wagon, and as I exited the highway for work a couple days ago, my charging light came on, and I lost power steering. Fortunately, the belt didn't shred (just hung loose), and it was still driveable. I was able to make the 22 mile drive back home in the...
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    Fuel flow rate when priming IP?

    When priming the IP by pulling a vacuum on the fuel injector return line, how fast do you see the fuel flow? I just did this a second time with my ALH engine, and the fuel flow is very slow. First time was 1-2 years ago after I changed the IP seals. I pumped it up to about 15-20 psi of...
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    Technique to break cylinder head loose?

    The head is ready to come off, but it's stuck pretty good as far as I can tell. Was planning on leaving two bolts threaded in slightly to keep it aligned while breaking it loose, but what's the best technique to get it loose? Brett
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    Brainfarted intake port clean. Suggestions needed.

    2002 Jetta wagon, ALH, 310,000 miles. Purchased at 220,000 miles. I don't know if the engine has ever been apart. warning, Ph.D. dissertation follows. But, I want to give every detail. It was running way low on power (had been for a many months). MPG was still good, 41-43 mpg typically...
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    Intermittent hard start then no-start was injection pump seals

    I'm just sharing my experience with a no-start issue that happened (kind of) all of a sudden with my TDI. Car is a 2002 Jetta wagon with manual transmission with 232,000 miles. I acquired it just 11,000 miles ago. I have no service history on it. I say "kind of all of a sudden" because about...