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    Cooling Fans Running full speed with ignition off.

    Wife got home today . About 2 hrs later I noticed a loud noise comeing from the garage . Car's Cooling fan was ripping at 100 percent . It will run for 1 minute then shut off for 15 seconds then repeat . If I open or shut a door it shuts off for 30 seconds or so then ramps up again . It will...
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    EPA mpg rating after fix

    When I bought my nos 2015 golf s 6m it had the original build sheet and mpg rating of 30 city 45 highway. But it also had another brand new smaller mpg sticker with the same 30 city 45 highway (36 combined) from the EPA. Dealer said after phase 1 modification they were required to re sticker...
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    EA288 vs ALH ??

    I understand the old ALH motor in 5 spd trim is kinda the "holy grail" of fuel efficiency and did better than the CJAA Cr's. But I just picked up a ea288 6m and I am very impressed with efficiancy especially highway. Any real world experiance between the two ? Have they finally nailed the fuel...
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    Extended emissions warranty on new cars ?

    If I buy a new 2015 never titled TDI is it covered by the 11 years or 162,000 miles extended emissions warranty offered as part of the settlement? Cant seem to verify. Thanks
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    Are all CJAA engines the same?

    Have a 2010 golf tdi with 90k. Long story short i need a new motor. Looking to get a low mileadge motor from a wrecking yard. Some wrecking Yards only specify 2010 or 2011 Golf 5th digit M CJAA TDI as working in My Car. Will a CJAA from a Jetta or a like a 2013 or 2014 Golf work? Spoke to vw...