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    A/C Compressor Refrigerant Control Valve

    So I seem to be having delayed air conditioning as this all related to that valve....not sure if that is the consensus now.
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    AC Question, "Cause its hott in Jersey right Now"

    Yeah...thinking the heat soak from the non tinted Windows def makes a big difference I am sure.
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    AC Question, "Cause its hott in Jersey right Now"

    No tinted windows, might be next on the list to get.
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    PD Engines - The Problem of Setting Torsion Value

    I played around with TV on my BRM TDI. I set it to -.5 I was at 0.0 but the thing that worries me about 0.0 is that it could be a false 0.0 since when your really out of range, tv will say 0.0. I've been trying to figure out a lumpy idle I have here and there that seems to get better with tv...
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    AC Question, "Cause its hott in Jersey right Now"

    I could just see someone with a garden hose spraying there dash since the evaporator should be back there lol
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    AC Question, "Cause its hott in Jersey right Now"

    Yeah I noticed when I experemented to try a different refrigerant, hydrocarbon based, would not work with our system as well since the unit turns off and on all digitally and would not cool properly with a different refrigerant due to the different charging pressures. But will do that...will...
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    AC Question, "Cause its hott in Jersey right Now"

    I have 2006 BRM TDI, Anyone ever try running a larger evaporator in there cars for improved AC performance, I know the touareg runs a larger one, just not sure about fitment. It was either that or I was thinking smaller pulley on the a/c compressor...since our TDI's dont rev much...maybe help...
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    Odometer Information Stored Where?

    VW does the same thing...but you will not get a cell if ecu and cluster does not match. BMW a red flag goes off. Same place...VW does Cluster and ECU... If you swap with a new cluster you will be fine...just follow VCDS procedure to learn the ECU to your cluster.... Main Mileage is really in...
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    06 Jetta 1.9 tdi 3 in cat back mpg gains?

    I have 3 Inch DP and Full Exhaust but I am running PD140 turbo, I played with 2.5 and 3 inch Exhaust with 3 Inch DP. I found 3 inch all the way through had the best response, but I also ran two Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonators....I am not a fan of lots of noise...Just like the power increase.
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    I "FUDGED" something up "Help"

    Lights mysteriously started working correctly on there own. I might just push ahead with the climatronic swap I had planned I am sure in the process it will correct any short there might be.
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    Odometer Information Stored Where?

    It's stored in both, visually though you will only see the mileage shown on the gauge clusters but I believe it's also stored on the ecu for the reason being to compare it against the cluster, for tampering reasons, I believe anyway. I could be wrong, but it is written in both locations.
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    06 BRM TDI no start - immobilizer?

    If you ever want your Immo turned back on and synched up correctly give me a hollar.
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    I "FUDGED" something up "Help"

    Never good when your problems have no easy answer...
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    I "FUDGED" something up "Help"

    OK so long story short I have a 2006 VW Jetta TDI and I was switching out some LED's on my interior, I changed my climatic panel lights, anyway one of the joints must of touched each other and heated up and I popped a fuse. Climatic panel stopped working after that, I took apart the panel and...
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    Need Help with Airbags!

    VCDS cable worth every penny. Just re enable pretty simple to do in the air bag control module. Maybe dealership did the job and still wanted to get paid so tech disabled it. Hard to know for sure, tracing someone else's work is always a guessing game. Good to see your looking into it...
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    How long with BRM starter last?

    1 million miles
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    BRM Exhaust and suspension

    3 inch crates more resonance... The ultra quiet resonators from vibrant have been my favorites for bringing the noise down and not reducing flow.
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    Buying a 2006 TDI

    Me wishes they sold the BKD here...
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    BRM Exhaust and suspension

    I run 3 inch turbo loves it. Just advisable to run two resonators...I run two vibrant ultra quiets and it really gives you best of both worlds. Good flow and very little noise.