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    CBEA engine swap questions

    Picked up a 2009 Jetta for a decent price with a healthy engine for a parts donor. My plan is to TDI swap a Ford Ranger. Through several years of lurking around this place, I've learned quite a bit about what is involved to pull off one of these swaps. I know I'll have to send my ECM off to...
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    BHW Tandem pump delete?

    Looking for some input. I'm planning on a BHW for a RWD diesel conversion project. Is it possible to delete the tandem pump for firewall clearance and use a high pressure supply pump with a regulated return to feed the PD system? I've read that the tandem pump supply pressure varies with engine...
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    Compound turbos vs supercharger->turbo

    I know a lot of guys go with a compound turbo setup. What would be the advantages/disadvantages of using a supercharger (something like a supercharger from a Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8) instead of a low pressure turbo? I'd be using the engine is a conversion, so space wouldn't be an issue.
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    ALH/BHW hybrid or BHW with BSM delete?

    I'm a newb here, but have been lurking for a couple years, and have diesel experience with 7.3 Ford/IH PSD's I'm looking to do a TDI conversion for a Ford Ranger to replace the exisiting 4.0 SOHC V6 (207 HP@5,250 rpm 238 ft-lbs@3,000 rpm.) In my area there are a fair number of older TDI's cars...