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    Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replacement.

    I am about to replace the complete front strut assemblies that include the a-arm on my '02 Jetta. First question is: the assy.'s I am putting on it are off of an '04 Jetta TDI - are there any differences or are they plug and play (hopefully).? The Bentley doesn't cover this procedure as I am...
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    Where have all the Purolator filters gone?

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    Where have all the Purolator filters gone?

    I have several air/water cooled gasser VW's that use can oil filters (PUR 20252/Fram 2870A #) and I prefer (demand) Purolator "PURE ONE" oil filters over the inferior Fram filters. Locally, Meijer stores here carried all Purolator filters while Wally Mart, Auto Zone, K-Mart and Murrays all...
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    Installed and used my Hidden Hitch !

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    Installed and used my Hidden Hitch !

    What a truly amazing vehicle (TDI)! And the Hidden Hitch is so much superior to the Rust-Tite hitch. It was hard bringing myself to the point where I could drill through the trunk but now that it is done - no big deal. It is a nice compact, out-of-the-way hitch that seems to be well built. I...
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    What to ask if need be for '02 Jetta?

    What to ask if need be for \'02 Jetta? Unfortunately - I am experiencing an illness which has forced me into short term disability from work which has reduced my income considerably. I can not get out of my Wifes one year old lease on her T & C so I may have to sacrifice my beloved Jetta to...
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    Any IA or NE TDI's out there ?

    Any IA or NE TDI\'s out there ? I was out in South West IA and Omaha this past week on business and never saw a single TDI (and only a hand full of VW's total)! You would think with all that vast open space where you have to travel a lengthy distance to get anywhere, you would see a more fuel...
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    DAMN MICE ! ! !

    Did the 20K maintenance on my Daughters '03 Beetle yesterday and was shocked when I opened up the Cabin Filter compartment. A mouse nibbled away at the insulating material attached to the underside of the top cover and built a nest on top of the cabin filter. Had to use a shop vac to suck out...
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    Rail Car Load of VW's end up in Bone Yard !

    Rail Car Load of VW\'s end up in Bone Yard ! Local yard here ended up contracting with VW to salvage a rail car load of VW's that were involved in a train wreck. I think there were about 18 cars involved - all Jettas except for two Golfs and a Passat. Varying degrees of damage from nothing...
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    Motor Week on Speed Channel - Nice TDI Story

    Just finished watching an awsome show on Motor Week about the Tourag and Passat TDI's. They really loved them both and talked them up. They said the Tourag may be pricey but they have tested many SUV's that were more money that they liked a lot less!
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    '82 Rabbit Diesel LS ($300)

    \'82 Rabbit Diesel LS ($300) 72,000 miles, Four door, Air. Doesn't appear to have been driven since 1986! My Son purchased it with the intention of replacing my Dads rotted out '84 with it. My Dad doesn't like 4 doors so he is sticking with his rotted two door. My Son is now stuck with it...
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    What is this DTC ? ? ?

    Just scanned (Snap On System) my car ('02 Jetta TDI 5 Speed) for a MIL that came on the other day. Came up "17058 SHIFT SOLENOID E OCCURS IMMEDIATELY" ! ! ! I have a stick . This code doesn't show up in the Bentley anywhere! Cleared the code and it hasn't came back on yet - Fluke or what? (or...
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    Interesting find dealing with frozen wiper shafts

    Was at my Brothers shop today and he had a 2000 Jetta in the shop for frozen wiper shafts. He discovered that the cowl drains were plugged with leafs and debris which causes the cowl to flood and submerge the shafts. The shaft assemblies only have o-ring seals at the top of the shafts and not...
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    Ever heard of DTC 17058? ? ?

    Just scanned (Snap On System) my car ('02 Jetta TDI 5 Speed) for a MIL that came on the other day. Came up "17058 SHIFT SOLENOID E OCCURS IMMEDIATELY" ! ! ! I have a stick . This code doesn't show up in the Bentley anywhere! Cleared the code and it hasn't came back on yet - Fluke or what...
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    Front Wheel Bearing under Warranty?

    Any chance the front wheel bearings covered under our drivetrain warranty ('02 Jetta)? I know the axles/CV joints are covered but has anyone had the whl brgs covered under warranty (the 5 yr/60,000 mile one)? I am detecting a light growl when turning to the right and only when under thrust (to...
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    SQUEEKEY Front End !

    I know there is a post on this somewhere but the search is always down when I need it (left hand side of the continents time zone thing I guess). Ever since I turned around 50K miles (at 57K now), I developed an annoying squeek emitting from the left front suspension (drivers side). It starts...
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    Just Wondering - - - What If _ _ _ _ _ _ ????

    Never seen this question posed before. As a buddy of mine (who also owns a TDI ) and I exited a restaurant from Lunch this afternoon, we walked by a running Toreass with the A/C on and a dog inside. He asked a very interesting question: "How long do you think our cars would run with a full...
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    Had a bad dream last night ! ! !

    Ever have a dream where when you wake up you think it is true? I had a dream last night that I was travelling down the highway and all of a sudden there were thick clouds of smoke rolling out the rear end and a sudden loss of power. Then it would surge, regaining power momentarily, and then...
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    300 miles left on BTB warranty - what to check????

    I only have 300 miles left until my 50K bumper to bumper warranty is up! I don't have anything that I know of that is wrong. What should I look at to see if it needs tending to before the warranty is up? I just don't want to get surprised 50 miles out of warranty . I just might be paranoid ...
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    I am always reading here where people experience horrible problems/expense with their VW's. They curse VW as the worst thing that has ever happened to them and that this car company is an evil to be feared. They flee to Hondas, Toyotas and Mazdas as if they were the solution to all of their VW...