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    Alternative Compression Ignition Fuels

    This may seam dumb questions to some. However I've asked for years and don't seam to get answers from the general public. Question number one: Are the large propane / natural gas engines spark or compression engines? I'm referring to the 7+ ton engines I used to see in use as...
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    VW Execs tour Mitsubishi plant in Normal Illinois.

    Scuttlebutt spreads: Deal may be in the works for production of VW cars in the U.S. When I heard this rumor my first thought was. Wishful thinking on the part of anxious employees. The Mitsubishi plant in Normal is capable of producing one thousand cars per day with a three shift...
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    Insurance Industry Picks Safe Cars

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 4, 2005 Audi VW receive five of top ten safe car awards. Audi A6, Audi A3, A4, Volkswagen Jetta and Passat. Audi and VW achieved this with standard equipment hardware...
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    What's your OCI

    What\'s your OCI Today one of our new members asked “Do most people follow the 10,000 mile oil change interval? I've been hesitant to go that long and change the oil every 5,000 miles.” Since this is such a recurring question and I didn't have an answer that could be backed up with data I...
  5. L launched by ChevronTexaco Came across this site. Check out Lubrication Magazine. The premiere issue features a story on the "Evolution of Base Oil Technology." You can save the issues as PDF files.
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    BEW vs ALH Road Trip To Grandma's House Runoff

    BEW vs ALH Road Trip To Grandma\'s House Runoff In the shadow of all the debate as to why a BEW engine with more power than an ALH seems to turn in lower mpg figures. I thought an open road test would be fun. I will concede that a 90 hp engine will do better on a 55 mph run than a 100hp...
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    Coal To Diesel Pilot Plant

    I ran across an interesting article in our local newspaper last month. Here is a link to the company site. They have archived news articles. I found it interesting reading.