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    Malone Tune 1.5 for 97 Passat B4 TDI

    Sorry for the delay. All pms have been returned. Not sure what ECU I have. The car is a 97, there was never a fifth injector on the car and I know that the ecu casing is metal not plastic.
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    Malone Tune 1.5 for 97 Passat B4 TDI

    I have decided to return my vehicle to the stock tune prior to selling. Chips were purchased and installed last fall. This tune will put a big grin on your face. Asking $150 shipped within the US. I don't know what other TDIs, if any, these chips will work in.
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    The latest TDI swaps at KMH - 2001 B5 Passat and 1996 Cabrio

    Pretty cool! Are you retaining the 1.8T transmission for use with the ALH?
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    torn b4 leather seats

    Is it possible to swap the covers left to right? I found a decent passenger side seat, if the covers can be swapped.
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    torn b4 leather seats

    Is there a source for recovering these? Love the seats, wish they didn't look so raggedy. Is my best bet an upholstery shop or worse yet vortex?
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    2004 passat 1.8t 4motion, What do I need for Conversion?

    Do the engine mounts need to be sourced from Europe? I've done a B4 GLX to TDI conversion, an AWD passat or audi wagon would be a nice step up.
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    Ball joint replacement? How bad?

    I did this job this past weekend. I got the harbor freight tool for the inner ball joints and it made the job quite easy. the hardest part was getting the boots on. If the control arms had been out it would have been easier I think. Each boot took about an hour to wiggle on there - there just...
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    priming the system..

    Not a vw post, but tonight I had my 95 f250 powerstroke fuel system apart. I was replacing hoses at the fuel filter that had been leaking. Anyway the system was completely drained - probably holds one pint to one quart of fuel. Anyway when everything was buttoned back up - I turned the key a...
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    front end issues

    Had a closer look today. The play is on both sides. The wheel moves about an inch in and out. The tie rod boot on the passenger side is torn. I assume the torn boot led to the passenger side tie rod going, and the play transmitted to the drivers side and wore that one out as well. The play...
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    New passat tdi, no power.

    Check to make sure the lines going to and from the N75 aren't blocked. I had replaced the hoses and about a year later had limp mode. Took a while to find it, but the blue hose from the N75 to the wastegate was plugged with black goo. Boost worked fine when I cleaned it, and even better when I...
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    front end issues

    I have developed a loose front suspension on our 97 B4V GLX conversion. I noticed that sitting at a light you can turn the wheel 10-15 degrees left or right of center with no feedback. Going down the road the wheel vibrates a little if you let go - but not like a wheel balance issue. I jacked...
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    Surging under boost - did some searching - am I missing anything?

    Check to see that the little lines from the N75 aren't clogged with goo. I chased a limp and surge problem for months. I had the lines on the car spec'd on this site from Mcmaster carr for a couple of years. One day I took off both ends of the blue line and tried to blow through it. It was...
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    Cluster resets on cold starts

    I think the battery is 2 years old. Got it from Autozone. I'll have them test it tomorrow.
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    Cluster resets on cold starts

    I think I may need a new battery. On really cold mornings, the vehicle will crank slow but lights off fairly quickly. The glow plugs seem to be functioning, but the battery does not seem to be able to handle all tasks. The vehicle is kept in an unheated garage, so temps are probably in the...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    I really like the factory fog lights when its dark and rainy. It make finding my lane easier when there is a lot of glare from oncoming lights and highway driving. That said, I can't seem to keep the lenses from cracking....
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    N75 test

    Are you having a limp mode issue? I battled it for a long time. In the end I figured out that the hose from the N75 to the waste gate was plugged with an oily black residue. Cleaned that out and everything worked again. Take both ends off and make sure you can blow though the line without...
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    N75 test

    The low power stick above tells you how to trouble shoot that. You need to tee into the lines with a boost pressure gauge that would be visible while driving.
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    How long does it take for a TDI to get to operating temperture?

    9 degrees in CT this morning, and it took 7 miles again to reach 195 (by gauge). So ambient temp doesn't seem to effect it much. I have MFA and at the 7 mile mark it indicated my average speed had been 35mph. I replaced my thermostat last fall and it took forever for the car to warm before I...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    How did you get the oil out of the actuator?