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    CV Axle - Replace both at the same time or just do one?

    On deceleration, with a slight right turn, we get a pretty loud grumbling noise that I believe is the CV axle. I don't see the parts to rebuild the axle so now I am shopping for a GKN or Raxle replacement. Should I do both sides while I am down there or just the one that failed? Car has 129k...
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    2012 Sportwagen TDI - Low rumbling when coasting/ deceleration

    Taking over maintenance on my Mom's car now that my Dad has passed. It's a 2012 with 129k miles on it and I noticed the other day when coasting in gear/decelerating there is like a low rumble coming from the passenger side I believe. Any guesses what this could be? Do the U Joints go bad on...
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    Dieselgate Warranty - Did I just miss out by 1k miles?

    I need to stop touching things today because I keep striking out. My Dad passed away a month ago after a battle with cancer and I'm trying to help my Mom with a few things. One of those are some check engine codes on her car. It appears we have the "dreaded P2002 and P0401" as well as P240F...
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    2002 Jetta TDI Wagon - Auto, Leather, 230k miles, rust free FL car - Jupiter FL $1500

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my Mom's 2002 Volkswagen TDI. The Good: Leather Wagon Pretty sure it has a rocket chip (had a rocketchip sticker on the back window when we bought it and it's FAST compared my 2000 and my sisters 2003) Rust free Tires are decent New fans and master...
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    How much to list 2002 VW Jetta Wagon TDI for - needs work

    I'm going to help my parents sell their 2002 Jetta TDI wagon. It's going to need a new accesory bracket, glove box and headliner. It also has a clearcoat failure on the roof and hood. It's a rust free FL car with leather interior. I'm also 90% sure it has a rocketchip. Due to this I would rate...
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    What does this pulley attach to? Engine toast?

    Hey there, My Mom's 2002 TDI wagon appears to have had a engine grenade. I'm trying to figure out what this pulley attaches to. Whatever aluminum casting its bolted on has broke and I can't tell if it's part of the block, a bracket or what. Any idea?
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    For cheap/donation: Wheel center caps, AC parts, seat heater switches

    The only VW left in the family is my mom's so hopefully she doesn't need them. I only ask that you pay shipping and/or make a donation to Tampa Bay Watch for whatever amount you desire.
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    Ross-Tech VCDS Vag Com / VCDS - HEX-USB+CAN Interface - Genuine
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    2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI - Diesel, Leather, 5 speed - TAMPA FL

    Time to sell the single best financial decision I've ever made in my life, what I call the Silver Bullet. It's a 2000 VW Jetta TDI 4 door sedan with a 5 speed manual transmission. Grey leather interior, 45-50 mpg, very well maintained and fun to drive car ready for the next owner. The interior...
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    Wanted: Sanden Air Conditioning Compressor CLUTCH - MKIV

    I'm looking for a AC clutch only for my 2000 Jetta TDI. If you have a good deal on a compressor I might go for that as well. Please respond with shipped price to 33626. Thank you!
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    A/C Troubleshooting - Clutch not engaging and fans not turning on -No ground to T4/2

    So...I went through the AC Guide and slowly started figuring out what's not working. I need to recheck power at the T4 connector because I miss interpreted the guide. Regarding grounds I have continuity from T4 4 to ground but NOT from T4 2. How do I troubleshoot that? Is that my issue? I have...
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    A/C Clutch not engaging , fans not turning on......FCM?

    I've looked through that A/C Troubleshooting guide and it's a bit over my head. I can turn a wrench but when it comes to electrical/multimeters I seem to cause more harm than good. I did test for voltage at the G65 sensor. Nothing on the positive side, the white middle wire doesn't put out any...
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    Car dies while driving...after 3 minute delay starts right back up like normal

    This is an issue that has been plaguing me recently. It started happening once every 3 weeks and now it's a little more often. It happens in one of two ways as described below. If the car is warm and I park it, sometimes it won't restart. No lights or indications of something wrong. It will...
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    AC Low side reading 110 psi with compressor off....what?

    Just confirmed with a 2nd gauge. My A/C on the low side with the compressor off is reading 110 psi. Isn't this way high? What the heck happened?
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    How to determine if A/C R134a is low? Checking pressures

    Hello, My A/C fans are not spinning and my A/C compressor is not engaging so I suspect I am low on R134a/Freon. However, when I hook up my gauge to the low side line, either my gauge is broken or I'm not getting a reading. Is there something I am missing?
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    Front doors won't open unless I push on them first... what to adjust?

    Started with my drivers side door and then my passenger side door (both within a couple months). Basically once the car is locked, I have to push on the entire door until I hear a click then I can open the door normally. I don't have to push very hard, just slight pressure around the door handle...
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    For Free - Double din MKIV CD player / radio

    Someone gave me this but its just been collecting dust in my closet. It's a double din radio/CD player out of I believe a 2004 Golf. Sorry, no radio key or knobs. If anyone wants it I have no problem getting a box and shipping it provided you pay shipping. Otherwise, pick it up in Tampa.
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    Don't forget to check your sunroof drains

    Just a friendly reminder to check your sunroof drains. A year ago my car was flooded on the inside because of clogged sunroof drains found in the drivers side and passenger side door jams (by hinges). Yesterday I was trouble shooting my trailer light wiring harness when I found 2" of standing...
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    Battery / generator light on, alternator not charging, battery holds charge

    I was driving home Sunday when I realized my battery light was on. A little later my car was a little difficult to start but started. Next morning, it was completely dead. I thought my battery had finally died because it was from 2006. So I put it on the trickle charger and drove it to work the...
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    MKIV Oil Filters - Where the heck are you guys getting them?

    So Advance stopped carrying Beck/Arnley and Bosch, Napa doesn't carry either nor their Gold filters and Autozone has garbage. Is everyone going to the dealer now?