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    Ignition Switch Woes

    Anyone having problems with the Meyle replacement ignition switches? I have gone through 3 on my B4 TDI and 3 on my B4 VR6 in less than 18 months. Although I am getting pretty quick at replacing them, I really would prefer to stop the insanity. I am thinking of getting one through VW? Any...
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    DIY Windshield

    I am in the process of researching the idea of replacing my cracked B4 windshield myself. After hearing so many stories of people getting their windshields replaced by so called "professionals" only to have them leak anyway, I question why I would want to pony up the dough to have someone mess...
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    B4 Mudflaps

    Local dealer tells me B4 mudflaps are an obsolete part. Anyone know where I can find any?
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    Has your turbo failed yet?

    I am trying to get an idea as to turbo reliability. I am hoping to see at what point I may be running on borrowed time and when turbo replacement would be good preventative maintenance. Although my car has a 1Z, I wouldnt be opposed to others chiming in. Thanks.
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    Anti-shudder in a 1Z?

    Has anyone ever looked into putting an anti-shudder valve in an older TDI? It would be nice to remove that shut down shudder on my 96 Passat.
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    Chirp Free and Happy

    I am happy to say my 96 B4 serpentine belt chirping days are over after about seven months. My road to chirp freedom is as follows: 1. Replace the belt, spring tensioner and roller - stopped the chirping for about 1,000 miles only to return. 2. Replaced the almost new Continental with a...
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    What can leave a TDI sitting

    I have been doing a fair amount of cross-country driving in the past year with my 1996 Passat TDI. I was wondering what can and has left TDIs dead along the road? Omit the obvious timing belt or catastrophic engine\injection pump failure. What I am getting at is #1 - old\high mileage things...
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    B4 Headlights

    I replaced my B4 VR6 headlights with a pair of lights I picked up in Germany. The low beams are great but I find the pencil thin high-beams awful. Makes it hard to see ahead of you going into corners on back roads. Anybody else experience this? I am looking to replace my discolored B4 TDI...