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    What type of tires are you guys running?

    long story short about a month ago i had to get rid of my stock (so i think) contipro contacts. these tires were yielding me roughly 545-575/tank on a regular basis. i ended up putting the falken 912's on there with very minimal research. little did i know the conti's were LRR tires and the...
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    Low beam out even with new bulb

    i've been perusing around and see this isn't uncommon for our cars. however, what i haven't seen is a solution. i've tried a new bulb, checked the fuses, checked the wiring around the light (as much as i can get to) and nothing seems to help. it started a week or so ago and then went away for...
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    Where to find 09 dash pieces

    where can i find parts #1 and #4 in this diagram? had to pull my radio and apparently the previous owner did a glue job when they pulled it and i lost a bunch of tabs and the left side of #4 broke and sticks up like crazy.
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    30k mile checkup. what to do, or do at all?

    so i bought the car with 29k on it. not sure how it was treated by the previous owner as far as keeping on schedule. what, if anything, is needed for a 30k mile checkup? do i need to worry about oil not knowing if it was done recently?
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    Squeaks Squeaks, Everywhere there's squeaks

    ok, so im not tesla :) but on a serious note, i've had this car 2 weeks and im starting to notice more squeaks daily. i know there are no tried and true ways to track them down, but jeebus this is annoying! mine seem to be coming from the passenger side (sounds like glove compartment area...
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    Here's my baby.....2009 TDI

    29k miles by the time i pulled her home. gonna take some time to get used to it but i think in the long run it'll work out better for me. here are a couple pics..... and the surprise in the trunk was.............. a quick ebay check shows these...
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    New guy looking for some advice

    New guy looking for some price advice on first tdi purchase hey guys, so im looking at purchasing my first jetta tdi but don't quite know which direction to do as far as year. i've done weeks of reading up on these things and i've learned a lot. i know that all used cars can/will have problems...