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    FS: 2005 Passat Wagon TDI -MD

    dup, please delete
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    FS/FT: Complete biodiesel reactor- everything included -SoMD

    Due to lack of (current) use and requirement for additional floor space in my garage, I have decided to parts ways with my Appleseed biodiesel reactor. Upon request, I can draft up a document explaining actions required to convert waste vegetable oil (WVO) into clean burning biodiesel. Numbers...
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    FS:16" 5X112 Road America alloys DC, MD, VA

    Anyone need a set of OEM B5.5 alloys? The tires are Continental Touring Pro 205/55/R16 rated 91H in an ET of 37 The rubber is OK, 2 of them have a little uneven wear, but the other two are good. All four still have good use in them left. I would estimate about 10K miles of life left in them...
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    1/25 GTG in Waldorf, MD (15mi. South of DC)

    So currently we are in planning stage of a meet n’ greet down in my neck of the woods. The date is 25 Jan starting ~12 noon. The plan so far is to meet up @ Hard Times Café for some grub, a brew, some chit chat, and car talk. From there we can...
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    My 85 1.6NA Jetta w/WVO

    My most recent project: It has a freshly rebuilt 1.6 NA engine with approximately 8k miles since overhaul. The old engine only had ~115K but was blowing oil, so I replaced it. WVO conversion Viton fuel lines for main tank and return 11 gallon insulated aluminum tank 12V aux tank...
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    Does anyone know BHW manual trans swap

    Does anyone know which 5 or 6 speed manual transmission would bolt up to a BHW 2.0 PD TDI? I love my 05 variant, but i hate the fact that its an auto... I know id need to fab up/source slave cylinder stuff and pedal cluster, but I think the main thing is figuring out which trans code...
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    testing sig

    it should show up yes?