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    alarm doesnt work - or goes off intermittently

    OK so heres the deal i went to the dealer because my window broke (as in the automatic window wouldnt work) and i had to have them fix it. Before i took the car in i had to take the plastic door off - and get the glass back up (it was raining). Now (randomly) whenever i hit the alarm on the...
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    Car wont start!!!

    This morning tried to start my car and the car would NOT turn over. When ever I try to turn the engine on - the car makes a very fast clicking sound. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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    Unplugging the battery/add a single din CD player

    1) What is the worse that can happen if I unplug my battery? I have read that it will drop the ecu codes, is that bad. 2) Also if I want to add a single din cd player to my car do I have to unplug the battery? 3) If i want to change the head unit on the car to a monsoon head unit - do i...
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    WTB Monsoon Speakers

    I am looking for monsoon speakers for a 01 jetta - thanks
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    wanted:cd player for 01

    I am looking for the indash cd player for my 01 jetta?
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    monsoon stereo

    would a monsoon amp from an 03 jetta work in an 01? thanks
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    radiator fan

    four questions - 1) has anyone every changed there radiator fan successfully 2) Anyone know where I can fin a radiator fan for a reasonable price 3) I couldnt find any forum about radiator fans. If there is one can someone point me in the correct direction. one more or should i not do it...