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    Stock Shocks and springs

    I have a set of stock shock and springs from my 05.5 Jetta TDI. They were taken off @ about 800 miles. I'm in the Tampa bay area if someone wants them. If you want them shipped, then you pay for shipping. Never the less I just didn't want to take them to the dump.
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    Need some Help

    Is there anyone who works @ a dealer that can provide me the radio code for my radio? Let me know. I have the radio out and Vin number.
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    Items in the Tampa Bay Area
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    FS Phatbox Phatnoise

    Phatbox player, 20gig cartridge and cradle, and CD for voices. $175 shipped in the U.S.
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    FS: Mann Provent 200 New

    Mann Provent filter 200 New Never used or installed. come with one filter inside. $100.00 Plus shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Jetta V -Various items I'm selling in Tampa Bay area

    Various items for sale
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    FS: 6 Ch amp for sale New Unopened.
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    Infinity Car Speakers for Sale

    Infinity/JBL Car Speakers (New) for Sale and JBL AMP NEW. Updated.
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    Thanksgiving Travel Stories

    From Tampa to Baton Rouge one retread hit the front lower bumper, just a little scuff comes right off. Baton Rouge to Tampa, one wheel barrel in the middle of I-10 hit @ 75MPH glance blow after a quick turn to the right. No damage. How much I love my Jetta, speechless. I'm thinking being...
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    amoco premier diesel

    I've been looking, but coming up short in my search. does anyone know the ceatane rating of this fuel in the us? Cross the pond it's plus 50. Here in Tampa I can't get an answer. I tried it a few days ago and it's cut the light smoke I had to nil. My car hardly sounds like a diesel anymore.
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    Air Filter

    I just did 20k service myself. The air filter didn't need to be changed until 40k. Anyway, while I had time to myself to work on the car I removed the air filter and noticed it was the cold weather air filter. I leave in FLa and got the car here also. I replaced the air filter with the...
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    Question: Low sulfur

    I was @ a circle K getting some fuel, and there was a new sign on the pump saying it's low sulfur less than 500ppm. It also said not to be used in cars or truck later than 2007 because it could damage them. Can someone shed some light on this for me. Sorry if I sound like a DA.
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    Safe happens. Another clip
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    Need Help Outside Door Skin

    Need Help Outside Door Skin Urgent Can someone tell me how to remove the outside door skins. They seems to be stuck around the door handle. Thanks. Tried search
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    Pic's of my car

    Koni's Eibach's Pro Kit HP Racing 18's Kumho ASX 225/40/18 2 Infiniity Kappa Perfect 12.1 in Q-logic box Infinity 611A Sub Amp Stock Radio Euro Switch Debadge Rear euro sport Grill will be on this weekend. Thinking about a M3 spolier.
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    Jbl Infinity Basslink

    Audio Equipment for sale Updated All New I will be putting on Ebay soon. so get it now. On ebay as ewheeler2. 100% good, also on clubb5. Jbl Gto 755.6 II 6 Ch Amp $190.00 Plus Shipping:eek: JBL PX300.4 4 CH AMP $185.00 Plus...
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    One for the Dealer

    Well I just wanted to give a ;) thumbs up to the dealer today for my 5K service 2005.5 New Jetta. (Brandon VW, FL.). It cost me $70.00. Over half of that was parts. I surfed the internet, had comp drinks, and watched tv while waiting. Overall good customer service, Thanks.
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    Bio brewer in Tampa/ Riverview/Brandon Area

    I would like to start making my own Bio. I've been doing alot of reading and I think I'm ready to make the jump. I haven't got any equipment yet (looking). Any advice, help with setting up, and buying equipment would be a great help.
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    Help ....Jetta 05.5 TDI Pkg 1 Stalling

    Well driving along and wham stall right on main road. I would start after cranking it a long time. Started and dies again when you drive and put under load. I was able to make it to VW. Tech took car on test drive and it did the same thing. He also said no codes were found. I can see that...
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    Washer Nozzle Pump

    Can someone help me, I have no water coming out of the nozzles to clean the windshield. Wipers work, don't sound like I here the pump for the water. I did run a wire thru the firewall where the glove box is. Could I have left something disconnected? Wiper fuse f31 is good. I don't see one for...