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    Nozzle upgrade

    My account got reset (I think) so I’m not new to the forum. ive got an 03 alh List of engine mods: egr delete Stealth race pipe Vnt17 3 bar map DLC 1019 (set up by Aaron) Stg4 tune (22 psi) 10mm pump. the question is, upgrading to to 764 dlc or pp764 or R520s. Or get the 1019’s set to...
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    Low power

    I've got a 03 ALH manual with PP520's, RC2 and SB2 clutch. All those mods have been in the car for about 75K miles. I've found that it seems like I've got low power. I normally don't spin the tires but since my mileage is down from 42/48 to 38/42 I thought I would try and see if I also...
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    Low economy and power

    I've been getting 38-42 MPG (42 highway) and low power for 6-9 months now. I replaced the T-stat 6-7 months ago. The gauge was always low and car did not heat well in the winter. I thought this would bring mileage back up but it did not. I have gotten intermittent coolant temp sensor cel I...