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    1985 vw golf with alh mtdi engine

    $2000 This car is road Worthy if put back together It's all apart in pieces I almost got to paint it before health problems. 02a tranny hydro shift Engine has holset turbo,Rover injection pump,sp auto intercooler radiator New suspension,mounts,tires,etc. I was going to keep the car and daily...
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    02a ctn tranny

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    02a ctn tranny

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    FS: vnt 15bturbo used from 2000 jetta

    Bump sorry I didn't see notifications for my account.
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    02a ctn tranny

    $200 obo Located in Turlock,ca
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    FS: vnt 15bturbo used from 2000 jetta

    $150 shipped to us. Vnt 15 came from used runner 2000 Jetta I used engine for mtdi swap.
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    New 204-4706 arp head studs

    Sold thanks
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    1980 Rabbit AHU

    do those tires rub? i have been using those oil leak dye detectors lately after a washing and jacking up/running on level ground and really like how i have been able to find some leaks in the dark.
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    jhax's Built ALH into a MK2 Golf thread

    those rear beam bushings aren't bad with tools. i like to use a hacksaw blade to make a slit in the bushing after air hammer chiseling the middle rubber out, then using it again to push through the whole thing to the other side. i have used threaded rod and bolts/sockets to make jigs for the...
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    Mtdi Landrover Pump Sourcing

    i looked on ebay uk site for reputable sellers with used runners being parted out. then clean and reseal. i did all that for less than $300 shipped for a 300 rover pump for my alh mtdi project.
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    MKIV Clutch Question

    on my swap recently i blindly replaced the carrier with a vw product since i was in there. put a new pivot ball and fork as well. my car started to drip tranny fluid after install. put some leak dye in and found it was coming from carrier body. i thought i cleaned everything very well...
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    1992 Jetta Ecodiesel

    obviously market specific but i have seen a trend here in the bay area. less of them for sale and junkyards and i don't see any premium on them sale wise for runners. don't know whats going on, way less traffic on vw boards as well even trying to buy used parts from people scrapping cars that...
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    are there different ctn transmission speedo gears?

    the sp auto cable goes from mk2 cluster and screws right into the lower half of the 02a part after i took the top electrical sender off. so the physical hookup is all good, i assume its just a gear problem in the tranny? mine is black. i could look again but i don't think its the same as mk2...
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    1980 Rabbit AHU

    awesome. i just did a hack exhaust with flux wire for my mk2 golf and vbands and am rather mad at myself now that i didn't customize some kind of extra mounting points for the stock rubber vw type hangers. i kind of used the vband to hold some sections tight with their clamp and of course...
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    installed 02a ctn tranny to stock alh motor and clutch fork is grinding

    i installed a quiet sachs kit with single mass flywheel and it does have some noise with no wheels and car in the air but i assume thats tranny rattle. when i put it on the ground it sounds fine and the clutch pedal is fine and car works. my leak seems to be fixed and i figure i will just...