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    2006 Jetta TDI radio

    My 2006 Jetta has the indash 6 disk changer, is there another VW stock radio I can exchange it for that has an Aux input?
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    Cincinnati area mechanic needed, 2006 jetta

    Hi all, need a Cincinnati area mechanic for a timing belt on 2006 jetta I just got
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    Cincinnati ohio area mechanic needed for timing belt change 2006 jetta

    Hi all. My brother gave me his 2006 jetta TDI, 187,000 miles, overdue for timing belt change and some other work needed, looking for a mechanic, have cash
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    2015 3.0 TDI question

    do the 3 liter V6 TDI's suffer from intake carbon clogging like the older 4 cylinder models and should one install an oil separator on the crankcase vent? (don't know if it has one)
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    New audi Q5 owner

    just bought an Audi Q5 with 39K miles on it, had many other VW TDI's but never the 3 liter. mine has had the fix done so what other issues will get me soon. Since I never drove a 3 liter TDI before the fix and this one does not seem to have any hesitation in throttle response like I have read...
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    Drivers seat creaking

    anyone have a problem with their drivers seat creaking, mine is and I have only had the car 2 months, none of my other VW's did this
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    test of fuelie
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    2010 Jetta tdi for 2012 passat TDI?

    would you make this trade? thinking about trading in my 2010 jetta for a 2012 passat TDI
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    2006 losing fuel economy

    what would be the cause of a 2006 jetta TDI losing about 5 mpg over the last 10,000 miles or so, car now has 75K on it?? nothing but dealer service's done to it
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    Oklahoma city timing belt

    Hi all, is there anyone in the OK city tulsa area that changes timing belts on a 2006 jetta TDI? my brothers car has 76K on it and he is looking for someone to do the timing belt change
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    new 2010 owner, have a TDI again

    Hi all, just bought a 2010 jetta TDI, can I use the euro headlight switch that was in my 2002 new beetle or is it different
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    2010 sportwagon

    Northland VW in Cincinnati Ohio has a red TDI DSG sportwagon in the showroom, looks like it has everything but the sunroof, sticker is 27K
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    2005 Passat wagon GL TDI for sale

    I have a 2005 passat wagon TDI GL in Cincinnati, Ohio that I am going to be selling, has 58,500 miles, serviced by same dealer northland VW, an actual good dealer has 2 out of the for options you could get on a GL, ESP and the splash guards, it is united Grey in color, Michelin X radials have...
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    Dalan hitch on 05 wagon

    I just had a Dalan hitch installed on my 05 wagon and it seems that VW moved the tow loop location on the TDI wagons, the installer had to cut about 1.5 inches off the right side bottem bar and drill a new hole in it as it hit the tow loop and would not mount flush to the bottom of the car, they...
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    Rubber mat for rear of wagon

    Wagon Owners, which mats have you bought for the rear of your wagon and where did you get it? I am looking for one for mine
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    NEw passat TDI owner, Again

    I just bought another Passat TDI, a 2005 Passat Wagon GL TDI can anyone tell me what kind of radio comes in these, there seems to be no option anymore I traded in My new beetle, no 2 payments to kill me this time
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    2004 Passat TDI GL for sale

    I am forced to sell my 2004 Passat TDI that I bought june 6th due to a lack of money silverstone gray with the monsoon radio, currently has 10,500 miles and no Mods. interior is gray cloth $22,900 with the VW 100,000 mile extended bumper to bumper warrantee car is in Cincinnati, Ohio...
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    Feeler-2004 Passat GL TDI

    Since I am having no luck selling the NB TDI, I might have to sell my new Passat TDI, Silverstone grey with grey cloth interior with the Monsoon stereo, currently has 6500 miles in it for those of you in CA looking for one, also have the 100,000 mile extended warrantee
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    Rear view mirror

    is there a self dimming rear view mirror for the 2004 passat? if so, would it be easy to install in my 2004 passat?
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    What kind of turbo do we have

    What kind of turbo is in the Pasaat TDI in North america?