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    a/c recirc clicking

    when I tun off the recirc button on my a/c i get this click, click,click about 5 or 6 times then stops. has to be the blend door for that particular thing. calling the dealer and will report back.. anyone else have this issue?
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    Fuel neck question

    I had a 13 TDI Passat and had troubles with larger nozzles at various fueling stations. So there was a DIY floating around about removing the stupid little thing inside the fuel fill thing on the car. My question is does the mk7 have this?, and is it just as easy to remove? I'm not worried...
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    bye bye my tdi friends..

    2013 CC R-line DSG w/ Black Interior. She is everything the last one wasn't :laugh:
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    I've got the water in my Passenger Rear Floor issue

    Since the first few days of owning the car I have noticed it always seems humid in the car when I first get in and thought it was just the faux leather. Then I read a then I read a thread on vortex where some people have had similar issues and tunrs out they either didn't have or their ac...
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    Had a day off and got a little work done.

    mine: put my golf ball shift knob in hers: swapped in the new radio RCD510 non navi and hardwired the radar detector and installed her old euro plate with OE holder. I know some will ask why. This was a dealer trade for us and had the front plate bracket, so this was cheaper than...
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    2012 vs 2013 rear door light.

    anyone else think it's stupid that the 12's have lights in the rear doors and the 13s do not.. I am working on a few other things but this was my only *** moment so far..:rolleyes: if this is a repost sorry. i'm new :D
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    Hi. I'm new.

    Kind of new. Mine= 2013 TDI SE Reflex Silver 6spd Hers= 2012 2.5L Platinum Grey S w/ Appearance Auto (the day we bought them) (after tint) Modding is going slow for now, slower than I would like but so far: Both- 15% tint Mine- Golf Ball shift knob (swapped over from the MK6), debadged...
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    Need sources

    I know where to get a NEW .75 5th gear set, but where can i source a new .72 gear set?? please link the site, or provide a part number i can go to the dealer with...Thanks in advance..
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    MK4 galore

    prices NOT set in stone, i am flexable. But lets not get to out of hand mk4 Injen CAI (new never used) with (sap bung) attached. 240 (PU) or 260 (shipped and add paypal fees) second SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Third MK4 golf/ jetta (1.8t or 2.0)will also work with TDI and VR but will...