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    FS: 2005 Passat Wagon TDI -MD

    Thanks folks, the new owner just pulled away in her. I ended up having the new hood and bumper painted and put on. re: the glovebox, im fairly certain they all had it stock as Oilhammer said. I'm going to miss her :sniffle: I did order a new X5 35d though. Pretty excited about that.
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    FS: 2005 Passat Wagon TDI -MD

    Thanks folks! I'm still kind of on the fence about selling her. I love her, but I sold my M5 and now I'm going to sell this and get something that combines the two. Maybe a X5 335d! New Craigslist link: For some reason, the posting...
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    FS: 2005 Passat Wagon TDI -MD

    dup, please delete
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    FS/FT: Complete biodiesel reactor- everything included -SoMD

    Haha, I wish Herb! I figure that once i acquire a larger garage space I can start up my production again.
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    FS/FT: Complete biodiesel reactor- everything included -SoMD

    Due to lack of (current) use and requirement for additional floor space in my garage, I have decided to parts ways with my Appleseed biodiesel reactor. Upon request, I can draft up a document explaining actions required to convert waste vegetable oil (WVO) into clean burning biodiesel. Numbers...
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    Did B5 come with manual trans and or 4 motion in USA?

    I know, what a crock. You can get the B5 in 4-motion or 5 speed (not sure about both in one), but you can't get a B5 TDI. You can get a B5.5 with a TDI, but no TDI +5 speed or TDI + 4 motion. Naturally the dream is TDI + 5 speed + 4 Motion = happy man
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    Floor Mats.... Got a question or 2..

    I do not recommend the Weather Tech mats that are supposed to fit the B5.5. I got a set and they slid all over the place. They fit better in my Jeep...haha I have the Sams Club special (like 20 bucks for four) and they are great thus far (about a year). They show no wear P.S- CT native as well.
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    Jeep swap??

    where do you source your engines?
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    glow plug recall dealer experience

    Waldorf VW in MD did my GPs and ECU flash in under 2 hours as well. I notice the GP light stays on for a second or two longer, but hey no problems either. at 55K, my original plugs looked great as well. One less headache. Next step is RC tune...
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    new to Biodiesel have a question...

    Hi Cris, IIRC auto makers started installing better hoses in ~1993, so if you were to start out with a weak mixture, you should be fine. You can get kits specifically cut for your application from The guy's name is Justin and i have dealt with him in the past. You should...
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    Post your TDI sightings here!!

    Being both a Diesel fan and Jeep fan, belive me i am looking for you. I would kill to find a decently priced Cummins 4BT for my TJ. Oh, i see Ian all the time but then again we work in the same building. So whats up fellow DC area folks? Been havign any meets lately?
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    FS 5Speed conversion .681 5TH, TT shifter

    mmm.. manual goodness. This would be magical in my B5.5V. Way too bad i just blew my load on my BS upgrade
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    Subaru Diesel

    The wifeys father works for Subie corporate in NJ. Says they pushed back production for US due to auto trans mating issues. Apparently torque was a factor. Diesel Subies are selling like hotcakes in Europe.
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    No boost

    well thank you sir! i thought that i had repositioned it to avoid it happening again, but clearly i was mistaken.
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    Trunk doesn't always lock when closing

    check your weatherstripping. Mine was shutting, but apparently not all the way and i was having to slam the hatch... check your weatherstripping and make sure thats its fully seated.
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    No boost

    i lost my turbo to intercooler cross connect hose and that was what was happening to me. Turns out that a piece of plastic wire conduit was chafing the boost charge line and wore a hole in it. This is the silicone hose off the turbo to the cross connect, not the cross connect. I would check...
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    Newly purchased '05 Passat

    MOGolf = good guy. Just did my BS upgrade for me today!
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    05 Passat Wagon TDI 2.0t, Texas, $11800

    I dont think the 04/05 B5 TDIs came in leatherette... Great price though... i paid 20k last year for mine... I still owe more than youre