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    EPA Permits Sale of Inventoried TDIs

    too much time in the sun today? rained here all day, but that is better than the alternative at this time of year.
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    EPA Permits Sale of Inventoried TDIs

    Nick---think you meant to say "what's better than a VW" not "what's better about a VW" in your second paragraph. just picking nits.
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    What would you do?

    pretty sure that any 507 spec. oil (what you require) is going to be 5w30. What should you do about it, ideally change it out asap but it does matter what your plans are. "cold white north" sounds like Canada and I do not know if there will be any buy back offers for you guys/gals. change it...
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    Our newest diesel is here!

    Brian--just seeing this thread, Congrats, glad it actually showed up. I know you are aware and it may not be a problem in St. Louis but every Sprinter I see here in Chicago has worse rust problems than a ten year old Mazda. Hope once fully fitted for your needs it treats your family well for...
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    President Trump may rescind a few EPA rules

    nwdiver---did you even read the material in your second link? do you understand the concept of "diffuse" when it comes to capital intensive investment such as mining? not saying that you are wrong but that link does not provide any information to show that mining of "rare earth" metals is...
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    Conventional Oil in an ALH

    dannyboy---I am positive that the point you are making is exactly what belome was suggesting.
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    President Trump may rescind a few EPA rules

    kj---I am not an expert on the local geography, but the two Departments mentioned (Salta and Jujuy) appear to be high up in Andes where the three countries meet. They are probably sparsely populated and would come with environmental concerns of their own, many of which I am not aware of, but...
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    President Trump may rescind a few EPA rules

    Off topic but relevant to the discussion on state of American manufacturing, here is link to a short (7 pages) study on the topic. "...Almost 88 percent of job losses in manufacturing in recent years can be attributable to productivity growth, and the long-term changes to manufacturing...
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    President Trump may rescind a few EPA rules

    This may not be true for much longer, not sure of the environmental ramifications but should be better from a national security view.
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    I am VW less - Thanks to all it has been Fun

    pikawel-far less of a problem for the Passat than other models, I would say, carry on without worry.
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    Why GM is betting on the Diesel

    Buick wagon ('81) was my first vehicle, mom worked in food distribution and left some fish in the back a weekend (family emergency), needless to say she never used it again. Lots of time spent with a wet-vac and eventually she smelled "as good as" not new but not poisoned. That new model is...
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    Mazda to introduce diesels to US

    so are we to believe that they have, on top of the emissions issue, also fixed the oil dilution issue after how many years?
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    2014 TDI 2.0 Fuel Pump failure.

    HBarlow---you seem to be conflating causation and correlation or some other logical fallacy. According to your argument: Takata has either never made a safe air bag or there should be no recall; Gm has only produced safe ignition switches or they should all be recalled. Truth and facts when...
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    2014 TDI 2.0 Fuel Pump failure.

    It would be much easier if they were not "discussed/compared" within the same thread, but we know that will never happen. Here is a link to the report, my assumption, that you are referring to in your last post (#40). The graph on page 12 of the report shows a nice visual representation...
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    Illinois adds to the states suing VW

    Agreed---I would suspect that no more than 3% of the citizens who voted last week have any idea about what this scandal actually entails. Much like what is happening in Venezuela and the "lefties" who, beyond all evidence, continue to support the "Bolivarian" revolution. Some/many things are...
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    2014 Passat HPFP failed. I'm done...

    multiple vehicles in for a hpfp at the same dealership at the same time is rare, though not unheard of. I would question whether each vehicle was fueled at the same source which may have been contaminated. sorry to hear about your problems but it sounds as if you are not on the hook for that...
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    It should not be this much of a hassle to get rid of this TDI

    so what makes your "golf wagon", must be a 2015, a "s" box? why are you unhappy with the buy back offer? how are you stuck with it?
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    It should not be this much of a hassle to get rid of this TDI

    as well as your "numbers" being wrong, would you mind sticking to your claim of never buying another of "their" products, can we add that you will not come back to Fred's with the negative attitude?
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    Is it just my computer?

    you should try to have more fun;)