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    Wrong glow plug relay in B4 Passat tdi now just cranks no start!!

    Hey all, I've searched all over here without a definitive answer. I bought this 1996 Passat tdi off my sister in law a few weeks ago knowing the glowplugs didn't work. I ordered a glowplug relay from an online store and I'm pretty sure they sent me one out of a newer car. Mine is the old 103 in...
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    B4 Passat glow plugs relay

    Hey there, I just got a glow plug relay for my 1996 Passat. I followed the illustrated instructions I found on here. I pulled relay 103 that's in position 12, put in the new one. As soon as I turned the key on, I heard what sounded like a fuse blow, and now the car just turns over and will not...
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    1996 Passat 1z tdi glow plugs issues

    Hey there, I'm new to all these tdi motors. I'm in the process of buying a 1996 Passat tdi and when I looked at it, the glow plugs didn't work. It fired up fine as it's not cold here now, but after I drove it around the block and shut it off, I started it up again and the glowplug icon came on...