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    DRL working intermittent??

    My daytime running lights just started to work intermittently. Sometimes they're on, sometimes they're not. Any suggestions? My guess is a loose connection. My parking brake skipped a notch and banged one time. It was around then that the DRL issue started. Before I start pulling things...
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    New rear suspension - loving it!

    Finally got around to installing new rear axle bushings, shocks and springs. It rides great! I no longer feel like I'm riding up hill all the time. Plus, maybe people won't think I have my high beams on. Got all parts from Those guys are great - good prices and quick delivery...
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    WTB: upper intercooler pipe

    Received a nice clean IC pipe from AThreeTdi. Thanks!
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    WTB: upper intercooler pipe

    Looking for an upper intercooler pipe for an '02 Jetta, 1J0145770T.
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    Tdi parts

    The intercooler upper hose, is what you have the upper intercooler pipe? Part #1J0145770T? If so, I need one. Thx!
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    Tool for Rear suspension bushings

    I'm interested. I just bought an '02 Jetta TDI with 198k and the rear bushings are shot, along with the shocks. I'm probably going to refresh the struts, shocks and most bushings. This tool sounds like it'd be a huge time saver! I'm looking to order up good quality bushing and Bilstein TCs...