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  1. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    Source for gold plated injection pump harness pins?

    I can find all the tyco "timer" and other pins. I have not been able to find the gold plated version the fuel pump connector uses. Does anyone know of a source for these?
  2. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    VAG-COM rental near Chicago?

    Does anyone do this still? I need to do some logging AND tear apart the QA on my Bosch reman pump. I don't have vag-com and don't feel like screwing Uwe by using a hacked copy until I can afford a professional unit. I could leave a cash deposit covering it etc. My quantity adjuster has to...
  3. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    P1561 N149 Control deviation with light misfires.

    I have a reman Bosch 11mm pump. It throws this code intermittently and then static. No limits reached codes but I am sort of stumped on this one. Seems to do it more when warm or hot out. Timing is spot on physically and vag-com between blue and green lines more toward the green. IQ is...
  4. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    Porting the stock VNT-15 compressor housing and ASV. Why not? (Pics coming)

    I am not exactly sure WHY I am doing this. It is probably because I have not had anything worthy of porting and have not had my fix of modifying anything cool for years. Yet here I am doing it. We will start with the compressor housing, inlet and outlet. After that the factory ASV is getting...
  5. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    The hidden vacuum and boost leak. Compressor housing seal.

    Anyone else catch this one accidentally? On my gasoline powered Wuhan whistler cars I usually use sealant on the compressor housing after marking it and clocking proper. My late turbo explosion caused the remedy to this accidentally with the new turbo install. I'm going to seal the compressor...
  6. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    IQ settings for DLC764 11MM pump and Malone stage 3 stock turbo

    I've done a bunch of searching and can't seem to find a consensus. Now that I have a new stock turbo and it's running again I don't want to blow anything up. Both nozzles and pump were done because the old nozzles were done at 220k and the pump was toast QA issues and leaking front seal etc. I...
  7. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    What is the worst stereotypical cheap ALH TDI guy damage and bodge you've seen?

    I'll start this fun thread with my first TDI. I picked up a junkyard ready special because I am/was that poor. ALH beetle: A Rubber foot for a cane over the broken dipstick tube remnants and metal dipstick sleeve. The broken dipstick in the trunk was there to check the oil. Vacuum leak much...
  8. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    Oven cleaner for vanes with turbo off car -- but without separating turbine housing? Possible?

    Subject says it. Can I flood the turbine with oven cleaner or do it through the EGR port to clean vane gunk out before mounting? Blow it out with compressed air or rinse out then blow out? I ask as I picked up a used rusty turbo that seems decent enough to clean up and run for a while. I...
  9. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    VNT-15 Catastrophic turbo failure.

    Pics incoming. The aluminum portion of the CHRA separated from the CHRA and the compressor wheel is gone. You can literally take the plastic intake tube that goes to the compressor inlet and shake it, moving the entire compressor cover. Clunk clunk. Next question is did it take the motor...
  10. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    CJAA camshaft revision. Anyone else catch that? AKA dealer did a new long block and new motor has a revised set of camshafts.

    Has anyone else had a longblock done for the revised camshafts to deal with biodiesel and DPF Regen? Dealer did the entire longblock due to cam wear and oil consumption from a prior turbo replacement coking up the ringlands and causing said oil consumption. The new motor is great, moved to...
  11. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    FS: 2011 JSW TDi no sunroof 6spd manual. $13,000 Recent factory longblock, turbo, injectors and MAF!.

    Looking to sell my 2011 JSW 6spd manual with no sunroof. Has a valeo solid mass flywheel, fluidampr pulley, S3 FULL METAL intercooler to get rid of the boost leaks on the factory plastic junk and is otherwise 100% stock. 141k miles on the odometer. It is PGM I believe but a metallic darker...
  12. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    WTB: ALH longblock and VNT-15 or so around Chicago/IL surrounding areas

    Need a stockish turbo and ALH longblock around the Chicagoland area. Or surrounding states. Whatcha got?
  13. Randomhomelesstdibeetlegu

    Not kidding. My ECU connector seals caused crank sensor signal loss

    Had to make a post. I broke out the Tektronix scope and all I validated the sensor waveform and voltage from connector end to ECU pins. Pins 102 and 110 are crank sensor signal on 121 pin ALH ECU 86 is shield/ground. Ok great why no signal? Plug in ECU connectors.... A bit difficult to engage...