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  1. Joe_Meehan

    Headlamp switch FREE

    I have had to sell my car due to Alzheimer's disease. I now have an OEM light switch that came with my 2002 TDI NB. If anyone needs one I would be happy to mail it to you (or you can pick it up if you are in the Hilliard Ohio area.) No charge. :)
  2. Joe_Meehan

    I have a 2002.5 VW Beetle

    Due to medical problems I am no longer able to drive, so my wife and I have one too many cars. I have a 2005.5 (Late model with a few small updates) for sale. A/C not functioning I am located in Hilliard Oh If you might be interested, call me at 614-876-6814 I am home all day most days, or...
  3. Joe_Meehan

    Headlamp switch

    I have my original headlamp switch (I replaced it with a Euro version) available for the cost of postage. It will come with all the original paper work and instructions. I switched because I wanted the Euro switch and fogs.:)
  4. Joe_Meehan

    Chick Cars

    I often see references to "Chick Cars" It seems many guys seem to be worried bout their manhood if they buy a car that someone else has decided to be a girl's car. So my question. Do you think a man who does not buy a car because it has been called a "Chick Car" need to worry about his...
  5. Joe_Meehan

    Less wind resistance with original belly Pan vs Panzer plate?

    I could not find it, so here it is: Does anyone know if the wind resistance is less or more with the OEM belly plate or with one of the metal plates (as in Panzer Plate)? I am expecting to find that the difference is not material, but since I have not tested it, I was just...
  6. Joe_Meehan

    Central Ohio Suspension Lift

    I am looking for someone to provide a small to moderate lift to my nearly stock 2002.5 New Beetle.
  7. Joe_Meehan

    Lift in Central Ohio Area.

    I am looking for someone in the central Ohio area (Columbus) to give my 2002 NB about 1 inch front and ½ inch back. I have a Panzer plate and that cost me a little road clearance. I want to avoid some of those scrapes I get now. I am looking for suggestions, comments and...
  8. Joe_Meehan

    Top engine cover bolt for 2002 NB wanted

    Anyone have one of the bolts that hold hold the top engine cover? I lost one of mine and while I have a home made version, I would like an OEM version.
  9. Joe_Meehan

    Why do people obscure their license plate #s?

    So why do people obscure their license plate number when the are posting a photo of their car? Anyone seeing you drive down the street can get that number just by looking? :eek:
  10. Joe_Meehan

    Where is the Fuse…??

    Very often I notice questions about where is this or that fuse. I get suspicious every time I see that question. Most of the time the writer is having a problem and they assume that if the light does not light or whatever does not work, is not working because the fuse is blown. Yes...
  11. Joe_Meehan

    The Story of the Good Dealer

    As many of you know I seldom find much good to say about dealers. I often recommend avoiding them. I often follow my advice, but there are times I visit a dealer, like to buy a new VW. I have so say that I have been lucky in that I am not too far from a dealer that based on my experiences...
  12. Joe_Meehan

    It won't return to New Posts

    After deleting a thread from my notification list I seem to get stuck and the program keeps asking if I want to send this or that notification again. And then I am in a loop. The only out seems to be clicking on the New Post. I believe I have solved my problem. I had the focus on the...
  13. Joe_Meehan

    Low fuel warning light

    I have a unique fuel warring light. It warns me that I am not low. When it gets down to reserve it turns off until I fill it up again. This is not a really big problem, but it would be nice to be able to fix it. Anyone have any ideas? :confused: Note Scangauge does not show...
  14. Joe_Meehan

    Chips in Ireland.

    From the Irish news: Young male Irish drivers, who are six times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than any other category of driver, are creating further danger on the roads by over-riding safety and fuel efficiency equipment on cars. And, many who have not notified their insurance...
  15. Joe_Meehan

    lift new beetle II

    A hijack from the thread "lift new beetle" From the replies and other sources I am thinking about 1.5" to 2" lift. I don't want to mess up the suspension. I should also note that I have fairly new struts (or are they shocks on a 2002 NB?) Comments and suggestions on how to get that...
  16. Joe_Meehan

    Oil for stock TDI's

    Sure there are lots of threads about oils. There are test that prove this or that oil is better at this or that attribute. My question is this: Is there any oil that will produce meaningful differences in the life of the engine, mileage etc. when used in a stock engine under non-extreme...
  17. Joe_Meehan

    Are extra oil changes a good idea?

    From early on I have always heard that it is good to change oil even more often than the manufacturer recommends. Today's cars and oils are a lot different than they were back in the 1960's when I was first driving. I have also seen some test that show new oil does not provide as much...
  18. Joe_Meehan

    Timing on the fly

    My 1976 Rabbit diesel had a cold start control. You pulled out the lever when starting the engine in the cold. As I recall it controlled the injection timing. Is that correct? Would that come in handy on our TDI's? Not for the cold, but rather to allow the driver to "tweak" the...
  19. Joe_Meehan

    Low Fuel light on when full off when low

    2002 NB. ~100,000 miles. Not long ago my fuel gauge decided that it was a good idea to turn the low fuel light ON when the fuel was normal and to turn it OFF when the fuel was low. The low fuel chime is working normally. This is not a big problem for me, but I would kinda like to put...
  20. Joe_Meehan

    Columbus Ohio NB lic: Insect.

    I can't remember exactly were I saw it but it was a New Beetle with an Ohio plate "INSECT" I can't be sure it was a TDI as the NB's are not badged.