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    Looking for 01 Beetle K member & oil pan

    01 beetle tdi 5 speed Hit a median curb pretty hard. Broke the oil pan and some Minor damage to the K member is the K member the same for the auto manual ? is the K member on the beetle the same as the golf Jetta etc ? What about the K frame from the gassers ? Is it the same
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    which gen tdi is most reliable?

    We have a 2000 Beetle, 5 speed with about 230K that Mrs Roundhouse has been driving for several years. long enough for three alternators,(got the repair time from 9 hours down to 3 1/2) , two timing belts and a half dozen rear shock mounts. its going to need some maintenance , a timing belt...
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    glow plugs wont stay on long enough

    so this morning in Atlanta the temp was in the low 30s 01 Beetle wouldnt fire. I checked with a test light and the GPs stay on for about 7 seconds, go off and dont come back on. I checked with a test light connected to the battery positive and GP harness removed and the tip of all 4...
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    Bluetooth / Aux input 2001 Beetle

    Anyone successfully done this ? Not interested in the FM transmitters They are useless where we live Beetle has the standard radio & cassette player with the 6 disc changer in the trunk and I’d like to swap it for the radio that has the CD built in so you can swap the CD easily for audio...
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    where to buy CV boots? which part #?

    need to replace the CV boots on a 2001 Beetle 5 speed. no clicking, so Im thinking the joints are ok, ive used up alot of google-fu trying to find a non chinese boots that will fit. anyone have part numbers? and a suggested vendor? inner on Drivers side is bad and outer on pass side is bad...
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    oil filter O ring?

    alright, my 2001 beetle 5 speed is slightly leaking oil from the oil filter cap, how is the the large O ring supposed to fit exactly? have to admit ive never paid much attention to it when I change the oil is it supposed to go INSIDE the housing or get crushed between the housing and cap? I...
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    Beetle tail light socket melting

    Am I the only one that has constant problems with the Beetle tail light socket melting? Mrs Roundhouse drives daily in Atlanta traffic so the brakes are on alot when sitting in traffic, but Ive owned dozens of cars over the years and never had brakelight sockets melt Ive replaced the sockets...
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    ECU for 2000 Beetle

    Have a 2000 Beetle 5 speed with a bizarre problem, no codes, very low voltage at injection pump solenoid not enough to open solenoid. and the consensus is that it may be the ECM since there are no codes on a regular code reader, dont have VAG-COM to check it so looking for replacement ECU...
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    ECM for 2000 Beetle,

    looking for a computer to go into a 2000 Beetle needs to be programmed to not need the computer chip in the key we have a bizarre electrical problem, and the consensus seems to be that the computer is causing it , thanks
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    code 1631 and low/no voltage at injection pump

    have a 2000 beetle 5 speed, totally stock. 199K on the clock. while back it wouldnt start, didnt hear the solenoid click on the pump, so we checked voltage and it has about ~4 volts when its not connected to the pump and zero volts when its connected or you put a small load on it like a tail...
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    in dash CD player for Beetle

    looking for a stock non monsoon dash CD player, for '00 Beetle too much trouble using the changer in the trunk which is for sale, or trade, if you have a single CD in dash player and want to swap for a 6 disc changer
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    strange electrical issue '00 Beetle

    alright, gonna try to 'splain this the best I can 00 Beetle, wouldnt start, engine would spin over, but not start, checked around, the selenoid on the injection pump had low voltage, ~7 volts. I run jumper wire from battery to selenoid and engine will crank I find fuse in box thats hot on...
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    code 1632 low power and guzzling fuel

    so we have 00 Beetle 5 speed, CEL is not on glow plug light is not blinking but low power and guxxling fuel I pulled codes with basic scanner, dont have vag com get 1632 code accel pos sensor reading high onther problem is I have low voltage to fuel cut solenoid on IP 5 volts, when...
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    will code P1632 Accelerator cause no start?

    have '00 Beetle 5 speed, last few weeks we've had to jump start it a couple times on cold mornings. no biggie, I figure battery is old. on Monday, same, deal, only it wont start, will crank over fine, but no start. I installed a new battery, and since its bout time, a new fuel filter and...
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    Any mechs in Boston want to look at a 03 V-6?

    Have a friend that just moved to Atlanta, their 03 Jetta had problems and had to be stored in Boston, V-6, 6 speed. Said it quit pulling, believed to be some problem with trans or clutch, already had some guy work on it and made it worse, had a second person look at it and he says some...
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    Bellhousing for tdi to Toyota 5 speed.

    Saw this. thought Id share.
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    in Nashville, need a tdi guru, code 1556 no power

    On a road trip with the family, between Chatanooga & Nashville, will be in Nashville soon if the car makes it. '01 Beetle Lost power, check engine light, code 1556, This happened right after we fueld up and then hit a big huge bump ion the road. Figured the bump knocked a wire or vac...
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    Need upper rad hose for '01 Beetle

    Stealership says $80 and at least a week for delivery. I need a hose TODAY! Anyone have a good one they can Fed Ex? Any hose I can trim or mod & use? thanks
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    Flashing temp light at startup?

    Whats it mean? Everything else seems normal. CHecked the water level, seems fine.
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    Wanted, Beetle tail light socket & window switch

    Need a drivers tail light socket and a passenger window switch for a 98 Beetle. Need it fast! thanks userbtonco (at) netscape (dot) net