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    BMW Z9 GT V8 Turbo-diesel

    The stuff dreams are made of!! Time to start salivating!! BMW Z9 GT Might show up late this year or early next. Unfortunately, just a hearsay!!!
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    160,000km/100,000miles summary

    Just gone over all my records and these are the numbers I came up with. Unfortunately,I do suffer from a disability :HEAVY FOOT!!! [ January 31, 2003, 12:19: Message edited by: krakonos ]
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    Varta - now JohnsonControls
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    Canada Post van hybrid - powered by VW 1.9 TDI!

    NEWS STORY Hybrids still science fiction Electric fleet vehicles on the fringes of public awareness, says Maurice Bridge Maurice Bridge Vancouver Sun Saturday, June 08, 2002 Vancouver Sun Jim Ireton of Azure Dynamics looks over Canada Post van with a diesel-powered engine that helps...
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    Mobil Delvac 1 in Vancouver, BC

    Esso cardlock in Burnaby-Lake city,pay there and right beside is a warehouse where you pick it up. I paid 108.40 with taxes for a 4x4liters . Better than Wallmart! I forgot the address but it is right off Lougheed hwy.Second right going west on Lougheed from Gaglardi way.
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    Glove box design genius?

    So time has come to deal with a glove box. Yesterday afternoon the handle stayed in my hand instead being part of the glove box as,I hope,was initialy designed. Upon examination, I realized that there should be couple of small, round, about 1 inch long pins, which are supposed to keep the handle...
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    Today was the TB day!

    Done the deed today. No special tools, did not really need any. The only real fight I had was with engine mount bracket.To get that mother out I learned whole new vocabulary!Never knew I had it in me! Did not remove any sprockets,just the tensioner. To lock the fuel pump I used 6mm drill...
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    Retriever , anyone?

    Browsing around,I ran across a scanner tool called Retriever. Just wonder.has anybody used it,and if so,could you provide an opinion about it. It could be found at: