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    DSG re-adaptation procedure gone wrong? Be sure to run your vin and the vin from the donor car to verify they have the same trans. The salvage lots cross a lot of things that aren't compatible.
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    DSG re-adaptation procedure gone wrong?

    Negative. Symptoms returned once it got hot. I fixed it with a used trans.
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    WTB 02A selector shaft and shift tower, '02-'03 pancake pipe

    Found the tower, thanks. Yes, they're different. '02-'03 accepts an o-ring'd connector on the turbo end and has a standard barbed connection on the IC end. The one I'm after might be '01 to '03. I can't recall exactly. '99.5 and '00 are different.
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    WTB 02A selector shaft and shift tower, '02-'03 pancake pipe

    for a little project, let me know what you have, thanks.
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    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance

    I have 4 CASA (Gen 1 3.0l TDI) injectors with very minimal time on them, <500 miles. I'd used them for a bit of an R&D project. These are stock replacements for Gen 1 3.0 TDI or a mild performance upgrade for Gen 1 2.0 TDI ('09-'14 Golf/Jetta/Beetle/JSW w/ CEBA or CJAA). Part number 059130277AM...
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    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance Sale

    Added a bunch of parts to that thread yesterday.
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    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance

    misc small parts deleted. I don't really have the bandwith to handle it. sorry
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    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance Sale

    I have a thread in the vendor classifieds forum. <LINK> I'm cross posting this here because many of the items will be much easier with a cash-n-carry local type of transaction. Thank you all for the many years of patronage and putting up with my temper tantrums as I continue to grow up.
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    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance

    Full list of inventory post #5 Hi TDI family - I have closed my shop and am in the process of liquidating equipment. I have a google document with shop equipment I'm selling. A lot of this stuff is really geared towards commercial shops, but there are some items that may appeal to the...
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    Diesel Land: TDI Guru in Colorado

    Thank you.
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    2012 Golf TDI Passing Emissions With Tune

    Contact me.
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    CATA timing chains

    Advance Measuring Blocks search "phase" & look to something like camshaft bank 1 phasing. I don't remember the exact address. Same general idea as MVB 93 on the gassers. Bank 1 is the right bank. The engine must be warmed up and running for a few minutes before you'll get a reading.
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    CATA timing chains

    It's all Iwis in the end. Doesn't make sense the MB can do it and VAG can't. I don't know much about why the chains stretch as much as they do, especially the early TSIs. My wife's A4 only made it 90K before the tensioner was completely extended and slapping the cover. This is not a cheap job...
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    CATA timing chains

    LINK TO PHOTOS Welp, I knew we'd be doing them eventually. 140K on the clock. This one had significant chain rattle for upwards of 10 seconds after changing the oil or if it was a very cold start. Intake bank 1 cam phase retard was over 9 degrees when warmed up. I do not recommend pushing...
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    Need help bad on arp diff bolt kit

    x3. Used Dorman 610-240 because it was available locally. Length is perfect, grade 10.9, 12x1.25. Used ARP nut 300-8337 (big flange variety) as I had them. Nuts contacted the differential housing just barely when I first snugged them down, loosed them & they just clear. The studs were probably...
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    jhax's Built ALH into a MK2 Golf thread

    You can just loosen the bolts that secure the QA to the pump case a quarter turn and give it a couple whacks towards the belt end of the engine. That direction is less fuel (higher reported IQ). Once you get the idle to stabilize you can interrogate with VCDS & dial it to your liking.
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    WTB MK5 Left Front window motor w/ control unit

    Part number 1K0 959 701 L MX1 PM or email me if you have one please. Please include the VIN of the donor vehicle so I can confirm compatibility with my customer's car. Thank you!
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    WTB stock ALH or BEW downpipe w/ cat

    Got one locally. Thanks all! Looking for a replacement for a customer. If you have on in good shape please let me know. I'm really only interested if it's stock, un-modified, and rust free. I can send a label if you can pack it up. Thank you.