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    Saying Good Bye

    Is the cargo partition still available?
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    Sirius Activation $77/yr

    Just to update this thread... My 6 month trial subscription expired the other day right on schedule so I called to see about purchasing a subscription. I called the regular number (ending in 7474) and spoke with a sales rep who quoted me the usual outrageous prices: 599 for lifetime, 399 for 3...
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    Black JSW Homewood, AL

    Saw it this morning walking to church at All Saints. Had a Cahaba River Society tag, Cahaba Riverkeeper sticker, and TDI Club plate frame.
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    TPMS to the rescue

    I did not know that. So in addition to kudos to VW, thank you US Gov't. Could have been the case here, too, but I didn't notice it.
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    TPMS to the rescue

    After leaving work yesterday, I heard a warning bell go off after driving a couple of blocks. I first thought it was the one that goes off if the temp is below 40F, but the temperature reading was 41F. I knew I wasn't low on fuel as I had just filled up the other day. I quickly scanned the...
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    iphone fuel finder apps

    Another thank you to securityguy and others for bringing "Where" to my attention! Very useful and seemingly accurate app, both for Blackberry and iTouch/iPhone.
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    9w3 Bluetooth Upgrade Group Buy

    I'm interested in this group buy if you are still taking names. Can the programming of the new unit be done at Royal? Is this an additional cost? Thanks
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    2010 Golf - back in black - Romy

    Nice! Would have gone for the Golf myself if not for the occasional need to cart the dog around.
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    ROYAL VW of B'ham- TDI Sedans, Sportwagens, Tourages and Golfs- Updated Weekly

    Saw the red one on the lot today. Looks sweet with the 17" anthracite goals!
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    1000 miles in my 2010 Golf TDI

    Congrats! I just went past 1000 miles on my 2010 JSW TDI this week, having myself driven all but a handful of those miles. Also had my frist trip (~50 miles of mixed highway and city driving) where I averaged >42 mpg. To comment on a couple of your points: The cupholders and arm rest are much...
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    anticipating Christmas in January

    Just received notification of a UPS tracking number for a package coming my way from Paul @ Keffer VW. Package contains front and rear mud flaps, stainless exhaust tips, and rear parcel net. Also, just completed my first mod: removed dealer sticker from the rear of the vehicle.
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    Ha! Interlagos by Graco. :D
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    New 2010 JSW

    Congrats and welcome! I'm new here as well; just purchased my Salsa Red wagen last week from Quality VW in Tuscaloosa. Hope the snow doesn't keep you from picking it up tomorrow and that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine so far.
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    OK. Let's see if this works. The second row is for the munchkins thus the lack of headrests - plenty of room for two car seats in the outboard positions. Thanks for the interest, guys. Although I live in Birmingham, I purchased my SW from Quality VW in Tuscaloosa. My '01 Jetta was...
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