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  1. Antsrcool

    Swap Question Im sure its been discussed

    So i just bought a very very nice 1977 240d. However it needs an engine. I have located an engine out of a 1981. Is this a direct swap or no? Wikipedia says the 81 had more horsepower but that doesnt mean it wont bolt up the same. So anyone have any Idea i have posted on pelican parts and am...
  2. Antsrcool

    Anyone want to follow my resurrection? Follow my craigslist build!

    So backstory. I own Baldwin Auto Repair in Ludlow MA. I am a TDI guru or at least I think so ;). Anyways I have a beautiful MKV Jetta diesel with 80k on it. It's a package 2 car with nav and the whole 9. I use it for business shuttle parts runs etc. basically I'm using the hell out of it and...
  3. Antsrcool

    Check out my sweet new keychain! Got the idea from here.

    So I remembered seeing a thread about someone wanting a year type emblem made. So I thought I should also do something since I like the gear style VW logo. So now without further adieu.
  4. Antsrcool

    Is it possible to decide my 2006 to activate headlamps with wipers on?

    MA just passed a new lights on with headlamps. Is there a way to recode my cecm to allow that?
  5. Antsrcool

    intermittent rough idle on 2006

    As the title states it almost feels like a light misfire. No smoke nothing else weird and ill be checking the cam the end of the month some time. But usually cam is an issue all the time not intermittently.
  6. Antsrcool

    Anyone have any interest in mkiv converted to pickup?

    I ran across a place that sells pickup conversions for sedan and golfs. I was wondering if there is any interest in these? I was thinking I could start swapping these and selling them. I though maybe a 2.0l gas would be around 7500. And a TDI around 10k? Thoughts?
  7. Antsrcool

    Same Guy New Place!!! Great Deals Best service

    Ok everyone I have moved on to a bigger and even better location! This time I have a Lift!!! This has opened up loads of opportunity. I cant wait to be Western MA sole provider of TDI and Auto Repair in general. I can fix anything with an engine and my labor rate is VERY low in contrast to other...
  8. Antsrcool

    How much is too much shudder in DSG?

    My 2006 DSG with 75k sometimes feels like it has too much shudder taking off. My wife asked me why my car always spins tires on take off. I owned a 2010 with a DSG but dont remember if it shuddered or not. Anyone around want to let me drive there dsg? lol
  9. Antsrcool

    Slow on Mobil device

    Lately the site seems slow on my Apple 5S. It seems kind of sudden anything I can do to help it?
  10. Antsrcool

    2012 passat battery leaking. Damage pics enclosed

    I had a passat come in today for its 40k service (at 50k) and he mentioned he had a headlamp out as well. So I started with the headlamp. Replaced bulb and it still didn't light. Ok I though I'll look into that after. So I jack car up. Pull off belly pan and notice the paint is burned off the...
  11. Antsrcool

    Help cars apart need special tool t10134!

    Well I got ahead of myself and started changing my rear main. And then read up on how to install it....... I need special tool t10134 which will hold the tone ring at TDC during install.bso if I could rent borrow or anything please let me know.
  12. Antsrcool

    Who in Orlando bought my cup car!?

    Just carfaxed my old jetta cup edition and noticed it was sold in July in Orlando. Prior to that it spent time in NY. I'm just curious who it was. The VIN ends in 1987. Would love to know if there a member or not.
  13. Antsrcool

    DSG flywheel destruction ?

    Ok so I just bought myself a 2006 TDI sedan with Nav and power seat. Kinda rare car with only 73k miles. Well it started vibrating pretty bad on the way home. And I figured it was flywheel. Except now it has a viscious leak from the trans. How bad am I looking here? Anyone had any success...
  14. Antsrcool

    2002 Golf Coupe LOW MILES 5 speed Super clean

    Well the title says it all. We have a beautiful car for sale. As always will come with idparts timing belt kit and new fuel filter and oil change. other then that this is a gorgeous car. will make someone really happy!
  15. Antsrcool

    The TDI Cup Cars are at Thompson in CT.

    I was there today and they are all lined up for the road course. I'm not sure when or what day they are running but the cars are there. Anyone have details?
  16. Antsrcool

    On special 40k service on DSG cars for 450 parts and labor!!

    You hear that correctly. I am offering a full 40k service for the low price of 450. This includes the following. Adblu (if necessary), oil change, tire rotation, air filter, cabin air filter, DSG filter and fluid, and fuel filter. I will also give an update on brake wear. The 80k service is...
  17. Antsrcool

    Having a go on my own!!!

    Well just want to announce that I will be doing repairs on all makes and models. I previously worked for Nice Cars but have rented a bay and am doing service work on all types. Labor rate is 65 an hour and we are located right off of 291 springfield. I would really love to achieve guru status if...
  18. Antsrcool

    Should I buy a 1993 W140 mercedes?

    Have an opportunity to buy a 1993 300sd which is the W140 body. Anybody have any input? It appears to have blue smoke and a knock only at idle. Sounds a lot like an injector that's nailing. It also has 240k on it. I fear it may have bent rods as that appears to be common. Not sure if I should...
  19. Antsrcool

    2003 Jetta Sedan Silver with 144k Low miles 5 Speed

    Sold. Thank you!