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  1. Kevinski4

    2015 Jetta DSG, what RPM at 70mph?

    If you have a 2015 Jetta with a DSG, could you respond with an exact engine rpm at 70mph? Trying to determine gear ratios of some different transmissions.
  2. Kevinski4

    '15 DSG trans swap into a '14 or earlier?

    Anyone ever attempted swapping a '15 DSG trans with the taller gears into an earlier car? Everything prior to '15 is interchangeable, but I know there are some software differences with the '15+ DSG. Not sure if it's enough that it would cause a headache or not.
  3. Kevinski4

    Wavetrac LSD for 02M $900

    I have a brand new Wavetrac LSD for an 02M 6-speed that I never got around to installing. Includes ARP ring gear fasteners. $900 shipped.
  4. Kevinski4

    Like new BDK/AZV complete engine/trans out of Jeep/Chrysler

    This is a complete engine and trans. Engine is an AZV, which is a 100kw version of the 103kw BKD. Only difference is the ECU software. Very low hours/miles, unknown, but everything looks like new. Harness is on engine, no ECU, but any North American PD ECU (BEW/BHW/BRM) will run the engine...
  5. Kevinski4

    What Mitsubishi/Jeep is this AZV code TDI out of?

    Got a nearly brand new AZV (138hp version of a BKD) here that as I understand came out of a Jeep Compass/Patriot, Dodge Avenger, or possibly a Mitsubishi Lancer or Outlander, or any of the handful of other vehicles that share the Mitsu GS platform. They were all sold with VW TDI's overseas but...
  6. Kevinski4

    WTB CR170 turbo

    Let me know if you have a CR170 turbo you want to get rid of, thanks!
  7. Kevinski4

    GTB1756VK, BHW manifold, adapter, $800

    For Sale: Gently used GTB1756VK turbo with BHW Passat manifold and Darkside adapter. Will bolt up to an ALH or BEW. Partially vacuum converted, still need to fab a bracket. $800 for everything.
  8. Kevinski4

    Used VNT15 - $200

    VNT15 with a little over 200k on it. Excellent shape, had a new actuator put on it 1.5 years ago. Came off for a VNT17 install. $200 + shipping.
  9. Kevinski4

    180 Amp Alternator - $200 delivered

    Lightly used, known good, 180 amp OEM alternator. Complete, with over-running pulley. Fits all TDI's '00-'14. Not sure if it would fit a '12+ Passat but only because I've yet to change an alternator on one of them. Click img for larger photo. $200 delivered.
  10. Kevinski4

    VAGdashCOM Mk4 EDC16 problems

    I have a genuine VAGdashCOM and I have been unable to successfully communicate with BEW or BHW cars with it. ALH and BRM, no problem, but the Mk4 cars with EDC16 give me a "no communication with ECU" fault every time. Anybody else?
  11. Kevinski4

    Wanted: broken/junk/failed VNT17

    Looking for a bad VNT17. All I really need is the turbine housing/exhaust manifold.
  12. Kevinski4

    Geared BSM carnage

    Sold a guy a BSM delete kit that I had on the shelf and he brought back the old parts for show and tell...
  13. Kevinski4

    Need BHW wiring schematic

    I need an engine wiring diagram for a project swapping a BHW into something cool. All I can find for the BHW Passats is Bentleys DVD that says it only runs on windows 2000 or something way older than I have. Anybody got suggestions?
  14. Kevinski4

    Not what you like to see after removing vacuum pump

    Car came in with 140k on it and a noisy TB bearing somewhere. Previous owner did the TB himself and this car has all the indicators of it. All the pulleys and tensioner were original (complete with bent tab) and the big idler bearing was shot. Stripped valve cover bolt heads, stripped...
  15. Kevinski4

    Wanted: GTB1756VK exhaust housing or bad turbo

    I need a turbine/exhaust housing for a GTB1756VK. If you have a bad 1756, let me know. I'd take the whole thing, but all I really need is the turbine housing. Thanks!
  16. Kevinski4

    Adapt iPod to my '00?

    Finally got into the 21st century and got an ipod. What's it going to take to hook it up? I've got the stock Monsoon with 6-disc in the trunk. Can I unhook the 6-disc and get a cable that plugs into that input for my iPod?
  17. Kevinski4

    Anybody in WI parting out a Mk4?

    I need a bunch of Golf and Jetta front end parts. Hoods, bumpers, radiator supports, and misc other pieces. .
  18. Kevinski4

    Odd limp mode problem. Overboost code, but I'm not overboosting.

    Here's what happens. Running down the Interstate (ECU in RC2) with the cruise set at 75mph for an extended period of time makes the ECU goes into limp mode. Code given is 17965 - Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation. This really has me stumped. The most boost I see with the cruise...