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  1. zanzabar

    Roll cage for a Mk4 Jetta?

    Are there any options for custom built roll cages that are bent and cut perfectly that you can just weld in yourself? I want one for LeMons and Chump/Champ and Lucky Dog, but it really has to be perfect and I'm not confident in, for example, the Autopower cages...
  2. zanzabar

    2002 Jetta Sacramento (bad trans)

    Yet another 01M failure. A little over 200k on the car, in good shape otherwise, engine is good, interior is good. We will either be looking for good used and cheap 01M to replace the one that took a dump, or we'd be satisfied to just let the whole car go cheap to someone who wants to do a...
  3. zanzabar

    WTB: functional 01M, or FS: 2002 Jetta bad trans (NorCal)

    WTB: functional 01M, or FS/part out: 2002 Jetta bad trans (NorCal) Yet another 01M failure. A little over 200k on the car, in good shape otherwise, engine is good, interior is good. Looking for good used and cheap 01M to replace the one that took a dump, or we'd be satisfied to just let the...
  4. zanzabar

    2004 Jetta 5spd 235k - NorCal - minor body damage $3k?

    2004 Jetta 5spd 257k - NorCal - mechanically sound - $2500 [UPDATE 3/6/2018!!!] Digging up this old post because I got this car back and considered putting it on the race track, but have decided against it. It's a little too nice to become a track beater. So I will be driving it for awhile and...
  5. zanzabar

    NorthBay tuners available?

    I haven't found any tuners in the northbay San Fran area, anyone? Looks like a few available in Berkeley and southBay, but none up here.
  6. zanzabar

    WTB: B5 Passat FWD *rear* sway bar

    Anyone have anything laying around? Looking for a cheap one (i.e. less than $200 since that's about what the Autotech one goes for new). Shipping to (or meet near) North Bay Area California.
  7. zanzabar

    Wanted: $500 LeMons car (norcal) Want to enter the 24hrs of LeMons race at Infineon in March 2013. Need a beat up old car that runs or can be fixed to run. Can only spend $500 (those are the rules!). Anyone have something that's been banged up or whatever and need to get...
  8. zanzabar

    24 hours of LeMons anyone?!

    :) This looks like SOOOOOO much fun! Who's in? Who's got a TDI we can have and hack up for $500?
  9. zanzabar

    single lobe camshaft wear on PD 2004 (BEW) Jetta

    3.5 years and 46k miles ago I replaced the cam and lifters in my 2004 Jetta (which now belongs to a coworker) because the cyl #1 exhaust lobe wore down to dangerous territory, and the lifter was similarly bad shape. ALL the other lobes and lifters were pretty much fine...
  10. zanzabar

    2000 Beetle drivers side view mirror (green)

    This is a fully functional drivers side view mirror taken off of a 2000 New Beetle (green). It is in very good condition, no major scratches just the usual few minor scuffs not even visible from 3-4 feet. Complete with cable for power mirror adjustment and heat. $50 + shipping
  11. zanzabar

    two PD tandem pumps for parts

    I have two tandem pumps from Volkswagen PD TDI engines that were included in 2004-2006 Jettas, Golfs, Beetles, and Passats. The OEM part number is 038 145 209. One of these is a Bosch brand pump that leaks fuel internally to the head and ended up flooding the sump with fuel. The other is a...
  12. zanzabar

    1999-2005 A4 Bentley paper manual

    1999-2005 A4 Bentley paper manual (SOLD!) Used in good condition. Covers 1.8T, 1.9 TDI (including PD engines), 2.0, and 2.8 VR6 in Jettas and Golfs. Cover and pages are all fine, only some greasy fingerprints on the outside. SOLD
  13. zanzabar

    WTB: 2001 New Beetle drivers side view mirror

    Preferably green, but any color will be fine. Don't want to spend more than $50. PM me please if you have one lying around.
  14. zanzabar

    You'll love this - Redline 5w20 20k OCI And he got reasonable wear metals from UOA on it (if you consider 14ppm Pb "reasonable"). He's now running some kind of 0W5 oil that I'm not familiar with. (Yes, you read that right...0W5).
  15. zanzabar

    WTB: Monsoon double DIN radio for MkIV or B5

    I know someone out there has one of these laying around in good working condition that they could sell me for $50 shipped to 94952!?!? :cool:
  16. zanzabar

    2004 Passat wagon in Sacramento

    SALVAGE TITLE I bid on this on Ebay and didn't win, then the buyer didn't complete the auction because the price wasn't high enough. But someone should grab this car because it seems like a good price. Via phone I found out he wants $8500. Text from ebay ad: 2004 Volkswagen Passat TDI...
  17. zanzabar

    WTB: Tandem pump for BEW

    PM me asap if you have a good working tandem pump from a 2004-2006 BEW engine. Thanks!
  18. zanzabar

    ALH ingests a 7V BEW glow plug tip and comes out fine?

    Friend buys a nice '03 wagon from Texas, has it shipped to California. Has a glow plug code, and did prior to purchase. Assumed it was no big deal, put it on the list of stuff to do before coldish weather arrives. She drives it a couple thousand miles. Yesterday I go to pull the glow plugs and...
  19. zanzabar

    America's General Mechanic in Marietta GA? Can anyone vouch for these guys? A friend is thinking of buying a car and the timing belt and camshaft were done there. Thanks!
  20. zanzabar

    WTB: BEW tandem pump

    PM me if you have one available, thanks. (Used or new ok, 2004-05 PD tandem pump from BEW engine, must be in excellent condition.)