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  1. rme

    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    You and I are in the same camp. I'm guessing Nissan will beat toyota to the market place and toyota will be about 2 years behind.
  2. rme

    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    I replaced my turbo on my BEW 2004 jetta diesel at 80,000 miles. I guess it was assembled on monday. Anyway I now have 210,000 on it's replacement and it is a factory turbo with no issues so far.
  3. rme

    Turbo blew at 84,000 miles

    Do this^! My turbo went at 80,000+ as well and regretfully I didn't have the time (I was on the road) to find and get a Garrett to install so I had to go back with a stock turbo from a dealer. Price was a thousand (in Dec 2008)
  4. rme

    What Diesel Additive you use and recommend?

    Stanadyne power is what I use. I'm told Stanadyne is the only fuel injector company that makes an additive. Could be wrong though...feel free to correct me.
  5. rme

    Volkswagen of America in charge of 'own destiny'

    If VW America is in charge of it's own destiny then bring the diesel Amarok....
  6. rme

    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    I think it was....but isn't the diesel GM products built in Thailand...hence why wouldn't it be a GM developed engine produced in Thailand? I dunno just asking....:eek:
  7. rme

    Speedometer related problem - Please help.

    Or the state police in KS:D
  8. rme

    Finally, a 1/2 ton diesel pickup worth buying?

    Not sure how old the last post was but Nissan Titan is coming out with a V8 diesel next year and the diesel in the Dodge will be a 6 cyl. Both will be Cummins diesel. Not sure but DOE may be paying some cost for the diesel to keep prices down.
  9. rme

    Mounts: OEM vs 034 vs BFI

    Does anyone know what the flat rate for labor is on installing motor mounts? Side and rear is what I'm interested in.
  10. rme

    Your dream diesel

    Not sure but think you can still order the 335/0 bmw but you must ask for it. It's not listed on the bmw page. Five series will still be around 2014 - 2016.
  11. rme

    Your dream diesel

    I'd go for that....since the Amarok is not coming to the U.S..
  12. rme

    Who is the Largest Volume VW Dealer?

    Maybe the smart dealer guy on here can answer (Chris) can correct me but I think VW owns most of it's dealerships so service should not be a problem anywhere if you need warranty work. If it is then someone has a legal recourse against the offending dealer.
  13. rme

    Time for general maintenance. Help appreciated

    It's that time of year and alot of gas stations are trying to run out their summer diesel. Have you tried adding stanadyne to your fuel tank. See for the type of additive you might need to clean and lubricate your injectors. And of course get the service for you diesel completed.
  14. rme

    weird hesitation 04 bew

    First guess would be fuel as it seems you are a bit further north and the temps are dropping. Are you treating your fuel?
  15. rme

    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    What's sad is..."Ranger has a diesel in it overseas just not here in America!" Not a bad looking little truck either.
  16. rme

    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    I think Mahindra missed the boat on the U.S. but could get it back if they would settle the lawsuit with the importer quickly. But then again who knows....
  17. rme

    Just Finish Installing Boost/EGT Gauge

    I might add he can repair his instruments as well. My LED's were getting burned out so I'm sending them to him this week for repair. Much cheaper than buying two new gauges.
  18. rme

    OEM fuel filter or aftermarket one?

    I like CAT since I put a conversion on my MK IV. Screw it on and screw it off. Can't get any easier. Although you do have to crank it awhile to fill it up with fuel if you don't fill it with diesel prior to screwing it on....:p
  19. rme

    Amarok in USA?

    I agree with the mpg on the Tacoma. I have a 95 and am waiting on the Amarok. Mine is a 95 with 190,000 miles and it is small. Not like the Tacoma's today. I believe there is a market for the Amarok here and if VW doesn't accelerate it's production for the U.S. (provided our dollars will be...
  20. rme

    Amarok in USA?

    Stupid question--but could you buy one in Canada and be EPA compliant in N/A? I know the Lexus RX's are built in Canada but I think they are built to U.S. specs.