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  1. eddie_1

    Put VNT22 housing on GT1749VB?

    I was looking to replace the 17/22 I brought from the US with a GT1749VB but the old 17/22 compressor housing is VNT22 like on VW T4, so my existing custom hoses don't match up. Would it be ok to just put the VNT22 compressor housing on a new GT1749VB or is it a problem that it is bigger? Thanks...
  2. eddie_1

    17/22 replacement

    Hi, I installed a 17/22 from idparts about 12 years ago. It is kind of not in very good condition now. Does anybody know if there is a drop in replacement for it? Especially matching the idparts boost pipe exit from that time period? Not really looking for performance but a cheaper drop in, like...
  3. eddie_1

    Winter tire break up of tread islands

    Hi, I noticed these cuts and break up of the tread islands when I went to swap my winter tires today. The damage was mainly on the left front wheel and on the inside but also visible on all 4 tires. Dunlop Wintersport 3D. Could be one of the following, but not sure. 1) Age related. Tires are...
  4. eddie_1

    Lift pump with mod

    Hi, Does anyone still have these hoses with their Lift Pump working fine? I got a new kit with barbed hoses but have not put it in. I was just curious to find out how many people have had a problem with the hoses breaking up after sometime?
  5. eddie_1

    Rusted Koni Reds

    Got these Koni reds a while ago. The rear ones were shot last year - no bounce. The front ones still work but have major rust. Anybody have these with the complete paint cracking and falling off with rust underneath? Does the tower etc. hold up despite the rust or best to replace? These Konis...
  6. eddie_1

    Rear Axle Beam Bushings Installation

    Did this job with Jack stands and floor jack holding up the beam. On each side: - Unhook 2 clips and 1 bracket holding the hand brake cable. Bracket needs to be pried down. - Unhook brake sensor cable in 2 locations - Remove 2 flat retainer clips holding brake lines at steel line to hose...
  7. eddie_1

    Rear Axle Beam Bushings Installation

    moved to mk4 forum. Please delete.
  8. eddie_1

    BiTurbo TDI MAF upgrade

    Hi, Can someone tell me how the 313HP BiTDI MAF is connected? I have 3 pins on the BPP MAF. With just the ignition on, I measured Signal (5V) Pin1, GND Pin2 and 12V on Pin3. I believe the BiTDI MAF has 4 wires? I did the MAF linearization but somehow the pins locations seem to be different. A...
  9. eddie_1

    GTB2260VK limit on 2,7 TDI?

    Hi, Quick Question. I was running 85mg/str with 2,8bar on BPP with stock GTB2260VK and was getting slight WOT smoke visible to driver behind but not to me. I raised to 2,9bar. Turbo sounds ok. I could not find the right compressor map for this turbo but any concerns at 2,9bar? It is pushing less...
  10. eddie_1

    Installed 3.0 TDI Turbo in 2.7 TDI

    Just completed the upgrade. Finally put in the GTB2260VK Turbo from the 3.0 TDI 059145722R in my 2,7 TDI which has the GTB1756VK 059145721F. From the VAG EKTA data it looked like everything would fit if the Y exhaust collector 059131799L was also replaced with the 3.0 Y collector 059131799R...
  11. eddie_1

    Problem with VCDS Cable

    My original Rosstech HEX CAN USB cable started acting up. First the laptop had some problems finding the driver, although used before. After several attempts and downloading the latest version of VCDS it installed the driver. However the interface became intermittent. Initially VCDS would...
  12. eddie_1

    2001 Ford Galaxy TDI PD AUY 115HP

    helped someone who came to Europe (Switzerland) for a year from Canada looking for a car with several kids. Just wanted to share a profile of what is kind of representative and available and what I found and what work was needed on this particular PD built in Portugal. Car looked good off the...
  13. eddie_1

    clutch pedal tab release

    Hi, We bought a used 2001 Ford Galaxy (VW Sharan) PD AUY 115PS for my Brother who is in europe for a year. It has a few issues here and there but runs great. Right now there is a leak at the clutch master cylinder (CMC). I got started with replacing it. I was able to disconnect the abs block...
  14. eddie_1

    Tie Rod End installation

    Changed out the Tie Rod Ends. One tie rod end from Moog i replaced in the US was rusted and didn't want to come off. I had to then get a better grip on the rod to take it off. The box wrench was slipping on the tie rod. I slightly modified the crow foot 13mm and got enough grip on the tierod...
  15. eddie_1

    New Ball Joint Support Bracket Bent?

    I got a couple of new LCAs with ball joints installed to replace the high mileage creaking hardware. However the ball joint supporting bracket that bolts into the LCA seems to be deformed or have an unusual form. It makes the Ball Joint point more towards center and rear of the car. Is this...
  16. eddie_1

    VCDS VAGCOM help to turn on 1 bit in Calgary.

    Hi, I helped my brother remotely with installation of the stock navigation for his Audi A6 (didnt come with it). He needs one bit set in Module 19 with Vagcom in Calgary. Anyone who can help him? thanks! Ed
  17. eddie_1

    How to Replace Glow Plug Harness

    After 12 years couldn't get the old harness to work, whatever I tried. The casing also became brittle and started to break up. Replaced with a new one, only €35 in Germany. Despite all the howto threads, it seems on the harness all you really need to know is where the connector is. Someone...
  18. eddie_1

    How to Replace Glow Plug Harness

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  19. eddie_1

    PWM signal for DRL in VW/Audi

    I was wondering if any one had a good idea on what the waveform looks like on newer cars (but before LEDs) for driving the std. DRL bulbs? My understanding is that the DRL is driven by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) on my 2008 Audi for example i.e. on/off signalling and the duty cycle is used to...
  20. eddie_1

    tie rod end question

    Hi, I got my car back from the TÜV inspection we have to do every 2 years and the guy told me the tie rod end was twisted. When I checked at home, the only thing I can see as in the attached pic is the gasket maybe twisted and what he was probably referring to but everything else looks fine to...