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  1. TheoSweden

    Race DPFs

    Hi! I cant find any post about these so I start one. Anyone here that have any experience with these on a really tuned engine? A few companies sell these but here is an example: Do they work good?
  2. TheoSweden


    Hi Im trying to put sensors on my BKD engine and on my 02Q gearbox to collect info for a dashlogger. What is the best recommended/relevant place for a 1/8" watertemp sensor? Oiltemp and pressure is already sorted. And on the gearbox, where to place a 1/8" temp sensor? In the plug under isnt...
  3. TheoSweden

    Find the gear ratios

    Hi I have for a project bought a gearbox from a 2013 Passat 4 motion (europe). Does anyone know where I can find the gear ratios for this specific box? Gearbox code is NFV and comes from a 2013 Passat with CFFB engine. Thanks!
  4. TheoSweden

    DMF, pressureplate and disc

    DMF, pressureplate and disc from a TDI 140hp 2014 Skoda Octavia with 3000km. Mint condition, just like new! Its changed on the car because it was a strange sound from the gearbox but it wasnt the DMF as expected. Can I get 600euro + shipping for this?
  5. TheoSweden

    Buying a Crafter

    Hi guys. Anyone with experience from VW Crafters? Im soon going to change my Ford Transit working van for a bigger VW Crafter (or maybe MB Sprinter) Im looking for year 2010-2012 with atleast 136hp engine. The question I have is if there is any better to look into the newer 2 litre engines...
  6. TheoSweden

    How to best build a oil sump

    Im building my new car at the moment and some parts of the build is not fully planned, like the oil sump for example. (im going to use a 2 litre TDI engine) I know that the "old" WTCC/BTCC Leon TDIs had wet sump and that is intresting. Does anybody know how their sump is buld? Dry sump is...
  7. TheoSweden

    Fliud dmapr questions

    I dont know if this is the right place for this thread but its for a tuning purpuse. Does this fluiddampr fit our TDI engines? /Theo
  8. TheoSweden

    2260VKxx models, which is best?

    I have again started the search for a great turbo for a new build. I have experience from those turbos: GT2260V from ~2005 BMW 3 litre. GTB2260VK from ~2008 Audi V6 TDI. GTB2260VKLR from ~2011-> MB 350CDI. Apart from the first one it is really great turbos for our 1,9/2,0 litre TDIs. Its a...
  9. TheoSweden

    Scrub radius.

    Hi I have searched but can not find what the Scrub radius is for a stock Golf MK4 with ET38. 195/65-15. Any help is very nice! Theo
  10. TheoSweden


    Hi guys I need a Quick answer, is driveshafts from a 2001 Eurospec pd115 golf the same as the pd130 ones from golf/A3/Leon etc.? Maybe wrong section of the forum but many people reading:) I have a chance to make a great deal if i do it fast! Thanks!
  11. TheoSweden

    FS: Used Volvo GTC1444VZ turbos

    Slightly used (under 20000km) GTC1444VZ turbos from Volvo D3 for sale! I can also sell other Volvo modells, just ask. Price 650euro + shippingcost, I can ship anywhere in the world. Just ask and I check shippingcost to your place. Theo
  12. TheoSweden

    Theos Audi A4 B7 Quattro

    Hi I thought it would be fun to show my second TDI project here on TDIClub.:) Its a 2008 Audi A4 2,0 TDI 170 (PPD) Avant Quattro. It has 95000km on it and I have daily-driven a little over 20000 of them the last year. The car have pretty good options, both in and outside and I realy like it...
  13. TheoSweden

    Pd 16 v

    Hi! Tomorrow I'm going to change a injector on a PPD170 (PD 16V) engine but Im bot sure how hard to tighten the bult needed to be changed. Anyone with ETKA or so that could look it up for me Thanks Theo
  14. TheoSweden

    PPD170 Injector Failure, Siemens->Bosch conversion?

    Hi all! I Bought a Audi A4 half a year ago with the ****ty PPD170 engine. I have read about its weakneses etc. but I was stupit enough to buy such car anyway. I have made a steinless DPF delete pipe and got it remapped by Davy/DVX Perfeormance and it runs pretty well with just that done to it...
  15. TheoSweden

    Gtb2260 gaskets

    Hi! I dont find much when i search, so need to ask.. I understad that it usualy is no gaskets between turbo and manifold/ turbo and DP on Gtb 2260 vk, but is it always like that? Im finaly fitting my turbo on my Audi A3 and it feels better to use gaskets then no gaskets. So... If there is any...
  16. TheoSweden

    Audi A4 B7 engine/tuning questions.

    Hi Guys! I'm about to buy a 2006-2008 Audi A4 2,0 TDI Q instead of my Polo as a daily driver... What concerns me is that all 140hp engines in this chassis seems to be "old" 2,0 8V. Is this true ? (seems realy strange because most 140hp Golfs from 2005-> has 16V as far as I know) I have seen...
  17. TheoSweden

    Iceracing with a TDI can be fun :)

    A few weekends ago I took my Audi for some ice racing, it was even more fun than circuit racing, dragraces etc. Just did a simple movie from the quite bad material we got from the day, hope someone like it anyway :) It looks to be pretty slow, but...
  18. TheoSweden

    FS: Volvo D24 Intakes

    I have a few Volvo D24 intakes for sale, popular to modify and use in 1,9/2,5 TDI performance builds. I have one myself and its working good. I want 150 Euro + Shippingcost for one intake. PM or mail to: theo_tibblin (a) for contact.
  19. TheoSweden

    Alu 5cyl questions

    Hi! I have been searching the internet for a while, to get as much info as possible about the all-aluminum engine that sits in newer Transporters, Multivans and Touaregs. The thing is I cant find any good info! almost only some enginecodes and pictures. So what place can be better then ask...
  20. TheoSweden

    Complicated EGT talk etc.

    I seem to have come to a point where my engine isnt making any more reliable power. What I mean by that is that foremost my EGTs is getting to hot if we(me and my tuner) get the power any higher. Some of you have followed my project and know pretty well what parts I have... My changes to this...