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  1. 2footbraker

    BRM turbo actuator, egr valve, asv

    All three for $100 usd plus shipping or best offer
  2. 2footbraker

    Underbody primer

    Anybody know a part # or make-up of the thick coating used on the underbody of later model VW's? I'm thinking specifically of the layer under the finish coat that appears to be "brushed" on. Thanks for any info.
  3. 2footbraker

    3bar MAP in BRM -spacer grommet?

    Anybody know if you need a spacer grommet to use a 3bar MAP on a BRM?
  4. 2footbraker

    E-test question

    I'm looking at moving to Ontario and bringing my Malone tuned BRM with egr and cooler delete. I'm just wondering what is tested/looked at during an e-test. One of my readiness conditions is "failed" and I have a cel because I haven't updated the tune since putting in a 1749b turbo. Do they look...
  5. 2footbraker

    VW rust warranty is a joke

    Just found out my rust perforation warranty claim was denied. Pics below. They said the rust was caused from outside influence, such as debris, ice etc. building up in the door sill and damaging the paint. I can see that happening at the front door but this is the back door. I have never had ice...
  6. 2footbraker

    BRM bottom end with BEW engine build?

    Is there any advantage in using a BRM bottom end with a BEW engine? I am asking because I am doing a BEW build and I have a BRM shortblock in my possesion. I know the oil pump has a higher output on the BRM. Would the BRM piston valve cutouts lower the CR appreciably? Any other differences in...
  7. 2footbraker

    Yet another axle bolt style

    Just bought a couple front bearings from idparts. The kit came with an axle bolt I have not come across. It's a 17mm Allen head bolt, 8.8 strength. I'm going to double check with idparts that it's the right one before I use it but I'd assume I'd use the 8.8 torque procedure for it. On the site...
  8. 2footbraker

    BRM parts, head

    A few BRM parts for sale: BRM head with valves, springs, injector rockers, valve cover $400
  9. 2footbraker

    Limp Mode at 120 km/h - no codes

    I just changed the turbo on my BRM to a GTB1749V and blocked off the egr and removed the egr cooler. I have not yet tuned for the new turbo or egr delete. When I get up to ~120 km/h, the car goes into limp mode. No codes are thrown, aside from an underboost code if I continue to drive in limp...
  10. 2footbraker

    WTB ALH cam caps

    I'm looking for a set of ALH cam caps for a head that needs to be rebuilt. Anybody have anything laying around from a wrecked head?
  11. 2footbraker

    FS: 2004 Jetta part out

    2004 Grey Jetta I am parting out. I'm keeping the engine/trans/wiring. Keep in mind I am in Canada so shipping may make some things not worthwhile for some people. I will have more parts as I move through the teardown so ask if you need anything specific I may have. Headlights $25. Grill $25...
  12. 2footbraker

    FS BRM MAP, N75 and A/C high pressure switch

    The MAP and N75 are both used but worked fine. The a/c switch/sensor is new. $20 each plus shipping.
  13. 2footbraker

    FS mk5 BRM intercooler, radiator, condensor

    I've got a good BRM intercooler, rad and condensor. They all have some minor bends at the bottom but are functional. Intercooler $100 plus shipping. Radiator $75 plus shipping Condensor $25 plus shipping. Located in Canada
  14. 2footbraker

    FS: Mk5 BRM compressor

    Good working a/c compressor. Comes with brand new control valve. $100 plus shipping. Located in Canada.
  15. 2footbraker

    Biggest intercooler Mk4 Golf?

    What's the biggest front mount intercooler that will somewhat easily fit into a Mk4 Golf? I have a BRM intercooler available but the Golf isn't here to measure so just wondering if anybody has done this.
  16. 2footbraker

    WTB Mk5 Subframe component

    I am looking for a good driver's side subframe mount. It is the aluminum framework that the lower control arm and center subframe bolts to. Part # is likely 1K0199295F. It is #22 in the pic below. Threads must be intact and no cracks.
  17. 2footbraker

    Checking rad fans with VCDS?

    Is there any way to activate the radiator fans using VCDS? Will they throw a code if they are inoperative? I just want to make sure they work before the summer as I had a little excursion into some deep snow and they may have been damaged.
  18. 2footbraker

    Where to buy aux. heater?

    I have the dreaded 00361 code (aux heater defective). Assuming it's not just a loose connection, does anyone have a source for the heater aside from the dealer?
  19. 2footbraker

    Help! Part # for intercooler pipe

    Can you cycle rad fans with VCDS? Is there any way of checking rad fan operation with VCDS? I damaged my lower front bumper in deep snow and want to make sure the rad fans still work before the weather warms up.
  20. 2footbraker

    FS BRM turbo actuator

    I have a good used actuator for sale. Holds vacuum and smart component works without error codes. $100 plus shipping. May have another in a bit as well as a good used BV39 turbo.