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  1. WolfgangVW

    Towing Capacity

    Hey all. Just a question about towing. I have a 2003 Jetta TDI Sedan, the manual says 1000lb Max towing. I've done some reading and it seems like fellow TDI owners tow more than that. My question is what's the likelihood of towing a 1900lb small fibreglass camping trailer with my car? Doable or...
  2. WolfgangVW

    Time For Some Maintenance

    Hi all. So I have a 2003 ALH TDI Jetta. I have had it for 11 years or so. Obviously done things in the past. It's a bit of a high miler but not crazy about 415,000km (258,00mi or so). Any insight into what maintenance I should look at doing ? As I plan to try and keep the car for a while now. I...
  3. WolfgangVW

    Driver Door Lock Cylinder

    Hey all. So a few years back I replaced my door lock cylinder. I bought a generic one at NAPA and had it keyed at a locksmith. The symptoms were it wouldn't turn to lock the door etc. Was all gummy and jammed. So the symptoms have came again. I can't lock the door with the key and the micro...
  4. WolfgangVW

    3rd Gear Sluggish around 3000RPM

    Hi all. So maybe it's just my imagination but it seems as if in 3rd gear I accelerate to about 2800RPM and then it plateau's and won't rev past. It seems fine in 1st and 2nd and it's not limp mode. So long story short I just had the timing belt done last week at the VW dealer I bought it from...
  5. WolfgangVW

    Timing Belt Interval

    Hi all. So quick question. I have a 2003 Jetta TDI. I know the timing belt change interval is 160,000km (100,000mi or so ), OR 5 years. My timing belt was completely redone in November of 2017 so the time interval is approaching, but I only have about 50,000km ( 31,000mi ) or so on the timing...
  6. WolfgangVW

    Coolant Codes

    Hey so I recently just winterized my car and scanned it as usual. Had a few codes: 16512 (P0128) Coolant Valve (N214) Temperature Below Control Range 16502 (P0118) Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (G62):Signal Too High Any insight as to the possible issues?? So perhaps I was silly and in the...
  7. WolfgangVW

    Injector Cleaner

    Hey all. Does anyone use an injector cleaner like one you add to fuel tank on their ALH TDI??
  8. WolfgangVW

    VCDS OBD2 Capabilities

    Hi all. So just wondering the capability of the vag com on generic OBD2 codes like Chevy for example?? Other than universal codes can it scan Airbags and ABS etc??
  9. WolfgangVW

    Car a Bit Boggy When AC On

    Hey all. I’ve noticed when I use my AC the car seems like it has a little less power more in the low end of things. It’s never been a huge concern just wondered if this is typical? I always just assumed the car is so efficient it’s just normal for that to happen
  10. WolfgangVW

    Hot Coolant Heater Plug

    Hey all so got cold here today. Had my inline coolant heater plugged in on a timer, ran for maybe 3 hours. Never noticed this before but the 3 prong plug going to my battery blanket and coolant heater seemed hot when I unplugged it from my extension cord. Is this normal or what could be causing...
  11. WolfgangVW

    Kleen Flo Diesel Conditioner

    Hi all. Has anybody used this product in their ALH TDI?? The kleenflow diesel conditioner. I've used the Stanydyne and a GUNK one but never the keen flow just wondered any opinions on using or experiences. It seems similar to the others listing the antigel, defreezing and injector cleaning help...
  12. WolfgangVW

    Lightbar Wiring

    Hey all. So posted back in the spring about my lightbar. Ha finally ready to install. Just want some advice / opinions about the wiring. So I think I have it figured just thought I'd post for advice etc. So in the following picture I layed out my lightbar and wiring etc in the floor and edited...
  13. WolfgangVW

    Uh Oh!!!

    Hey all. So I was replacing my seal on the coolant flange to the head tonight. The job was going unbelievably smooth until I was torquing the bolts back on. I had a torque wrench set to 7lbs. Hand tightened back and forth evenly to get an even pressure. Then used torque wrench to tighten back...
  14. WolfgangVW

    Rear Fender Rust

    Hey so my right rear panel by the wheel well is starting to get pretty rusty. It was small before but it is seemingly getting worse as time goes on as I haven't addressed it yet. Anyone have any suggestions on he best way to deal with this?? I don't need a pristine fix or anything, just make...
  15. WolfgangVW

    Bright Bulbs For Ecodes??

    Hey it's me again constantly beating the light thing to death! So I have my light bar thread which I am going to install. As well as multiple best HID or ecodes etc. So I was in the market for new headlights as well, but recently I took my current ecodes and sanded the lenses with 600/1500/2000...
  16. WolfgangVW

    22" Lightbar

    Hi all I picked up a 22" light bar for my Mk4 Jetta! I am thinking I can install it in the bottom center grill. Has anyone done this and have any mounting suggestions / techniques?! As well any input on the best way to wire it!? It came with a switch and a relay, I think it's a 270w. Thanks...
  17. WolfgangVW


    Hi all. Picked up a P0401 code on my Jetta. Any insight on how to investigate???
  18. WolfgangVW

    Light Bar For Jetta

    Hey all, I know I have beat the light thing to death over the years but any new ideas or setups for a light bar on a MK4 Jetta!!????
  19. WolfgangVW

    Potential Coolant Leak

    Hi all. So kind of a premature post as I haven't even got under the car to investigate, but noticed a small leak under my car at work today , I was parked on gravel so wasn't even sure it was for sure. Got home and slid a piece of cardboard under. Just checked it, seems to be a small amount of...
  20. WolfgangVW

    Brakes Question

    Hi all. So a question about brakes. I've had my car since about 2011, I have done the brakes numerous times. It seems as if more times than not I am doing them not so much from pad wear but because they start to shudder cause the rotors warp or a combination of that and pad wear. Should I be...