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  1. btcost

    Boston Area Gel Issues

    Hey everyone! Seeing if anyone else has had their fuel gel up this past week! I’ve been driving diesels since 2002 (15 years) and I’ve never had a car gel up! Makes me think the fuel distributer didn’t treat the last batch? My 07 MB gelled up in VT (where it hit -20) My 15 sportwagen gelled...
  2. btcost

    MK6 Wagon Parts in MA

    I took off a few the goodies before I sold her back: this stuff is all big, so local pick-up. all prices OBO $75 obo Diesel Geek skid plate, all hardware except the "inserts" you will need new ones. $125 Bosal Hitch, with bag. removable swan neck, and the OEM "door" that you can cut into your...
  3. btcost

    1996 B4 Passat (Not running)

    Posting this for my friend: It's a good car. Lots of recent good parts. As the ad states, she blew all her oil out on the road this winter. After that he just parked it. IMHOP . . .bring a decent offer in cash, and a trailer, and the car...
  4. btcost

    Left over stuff. . .Local only

    As many of you may know I parted out my Jetta last year. The following is a list of the stuff I have left over. . .I am posting in the East Coast forum to keep it local. I really don't want to ship anything, all the big $$ stuff is long gone anyway. ALL PARTS FROM A 2000 JETTA TDI Front...
  5. btcost

    2012 JSW dead battery

    My new 2012 JSW TDI left me high and dry this morning. The car sat in the garage for about 24 hrs. Doors locked. Went to go to work this am, and the keyfob would no unlock the doors. Unlocked with the key, popped the hood. Read battery with volt meter, 4 volts. So something drained the...
  6. btcost

    JSW Mud Flaps For Sale

    $75 Shipped to the Lower 48 I took delivery of my 2012 JSW 2 weeks ago. I did not want the flaps, dealer was supposed to remove. He did not. These stayed on the car for exactly one week, 480 miles.
  7. btcost

    1987 MB 300TDT aka "winter beater"

    SOLD Thank you For Sale is my 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TDT (turbo diesel touring) $1500 278k miles The Good/new: all replaced in the past year New fan clutch New serp. belt tensioner/roller/ and shock New Vacuum pump (over $300) New H20 pump (not needed poor diagnosis, but its still there...
  8. btcost

    00' Jetta Parts

    Please read first!!!!!!!!!! All this stuff is big, and real PITA to ship. Local is pick up is encouraged/insisted The List: Front sub-frame with good a-arms make offer Steering knuckles with near new bearings. . . $50 for the pair Thule roof rack $100 BACK UP FOR SALE The rest...
  9. btcost

    ALH ENGINE w/ 17-22 Turbo

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Complete ALH Engine from my 2000 Jetta Engine has a BRAND NEW head (cam, lifters too) sourced from [ ] Also a compete 100k timing belt kit (Dayco belt) installed with head...
  10. btcost

    New England DynoDay FOOD THREAD

    Ok: So the Dyno day is this Saturday. 10/23 Starting at 8am-ish I will bring my charcoal grill (and charcoal) and a 10x10 tent and a folding table if I can find it! side note: I am closing on a new house on Friday. and therefore moving on Saturday. I will be at Dentsport in the...
  11. btcost

    2010 NEDD (New England Dyno Day)

    Here it is!! the 2010 NEDD Saturday, October 23rd 2010 Bring your torque! same location as previous years DentSport Garage in Norwood, MA RocketChip will post himself to confirm his attendance and he has so RC is Confirmed (first come first serve, all prices/pay decided by Jeff) The Cost...
  12. btcost

    11mm Injection Pump For Sale

    <<<<<<<SOLD>>>>>>>>> For Sale one 11mm IP it has approx 50k miles on it $650 shipped to lower 48 about $50 more for Canada Pics to follow Brian
  13. btcost

    Snow tires?? or can I get away without?

    Hey everybody!! I am going to Quebec City this weekend (January 15-17) I have snow tires on my Jetta. But I would like to take a trip in my 1987 Mercedes 300D, that does not have snows. . so is going up to Quebec City, this time of year, with out snows STUPID. Or will I be ok as long as...
  14. btcost

    Left Over Parts CHEAP

    Left Over Parts CHEAP Lots of NB parts!! Back in the Spring I parted out a '98 New Beetle that had 100k on the clock. I still have some parts left over, and few other things kicking around. Here are some pics: Lights SOLD!! these are the + and - battery cables ($25 shipped) and the...
  15. btcost

    09 TDI DSG Dyno????? Fail

    Today (12/5/09) was the 8th annual New England Dyno Day. We had a great day and some ALH and PD cars put down some real serious #'s So we tried to Dyno my Father's 09-DSG-TDI. . .and well the car was too smart for us. We shut off the traction control. slipped it into manual mode and...
  16. btcost

    NEDD 8 . . . . . . Take 2

    Well time has come again for our annual Dyno Day! Same place as last year: in Norwood,MA NEW DATE !! DECEMBER 5th 2009,+MA+02062...
  17. btcost

    NEDD 8 or New England Dyno Day

    LOCKED See New NEDD 8 Take 2 Well time has come again for our annual Dyno Day! Same place as last year: in Norwood,MA...
  18. btcost

    New Beetle Part Out

    As The Title states I have a 1998 NB TDI to part out 100414 miles on the clock! It was rolled, but still starts and drives! A list of a few Major Items: engine cover in pic $50 shipped lower 48 Computer, engine harness-----------------$300 (shipped) pedals and brake booster (make offer)...
  19. btcost

    Ne Dyno Day VII

    As the title says. how about a NEDD7?? October is the tradition, so lets keep it up. Also people seemed happy last year. So I vote to return to Dent Sport Garage in Norwood, MA. This is a "kick the tire" thread. get the time and date figured out. also find out who will be there...
  20. btcost

    Wiring up a "FUNK" switch

    OK so here's the plan: I got a Sirius radio for Christmas and I want to wire it up really cool. What I plan to do is get an additional ciggratte adapter and hook it up under the dash. I want the power for the adapter to run thru a "FUNK" switch that will install next to the hazard switch. To...