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  1. Ray_G

    Left over new old stock parts

    Glow plug harness sold
  2. Ray_G

    Corrado G60 front brakes for A3/B4 upgrade

    I have a set of Corrado front brakes. They will fit A3/B4 front brakes and use 11 inch rotors. you will need 15" wheels to run these, but a very nice easy brake upgrade. The calipers need to be rebuilt, seals, boot and pin kit. The castings are decent enough and I have one piston that is still...
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  5. Ray_G

    Left over new old stock parts

    I no longer work on TDI's. I am in the process of getting rid of parts etc that I don't want. A person local to me took most of what I had, but he did not want this stuff. This stuff is new old stock, sitting around a while. Guaranteed new, but with finger prints on the box and some of the boxes...
  6. Ray_G

    10mm Injection pump AHU/1Z

    10mm pump off of a 98 Jetta tdi. the car had 129,xxx miles on it. The pump has been on the shelf for year or so.. Guaranteed to work or money back. I have not been keeping up with pump prices so 250.00 or offer plus shipping.
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  12. Parts sale

    Parts sale

    Parts for sale!
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  14. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    Sorry the car has been scrapped and I have nothing left.
  15. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    I don't have the corner light, I don't think this car had coolant glow plugs and the core support is gone. Sorry
  16. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    I also have a set of front Corrado G60 brakes to upgrade the B4 and A3 tdi's.
  17. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    I will have to get back to you about the exhaust manifold, the engine was sold to a guy doing a conversion, I am not sure if he wants it or not. The EGR is built into the intake, there is no flange... H.ubk I sent you a response to your email. Ray
  18. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    The interior is black and the door handles are most likely trashed. I will look this weekend. Sorry, the car is a sedan.....
  19. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    Door handle has been sent, the accel. pot is sent. I pm'd Scott about the ECU. I pm'd quatersaw about his requests and Rapidrob has a PM too.