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    Rear axle beam

    I am really tired of the negative camber on my rear wheels. Standing behind my car it looks like the deliberate - camber put on a lowered car. Now....the way I rotate my tires is, when the inner half of the rear tires are worn out I flip them on a HF tire stand I have and swap the fronts L-R...
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    Door Lock Module Question

    Got a problem on my right rear door.....will not lock or unlock with door switch or key fob, have to manually lock or unlock it. Removed the door card and stuck the probes of a 12v test light into the back of the connector plugged into the door regulator on the blue and purple wires which...
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    Parts Diagrams

    Hey Guys, Just bought a 2002 Jetta TDI for just too cheap to pass up. Only catch is that it is pretty much a basket case, P.O. bought a 2015 Jetta and lost interest in this one. He assures me that all the parts and hardware are there but all the hardware is in one large Folgers coffee can...
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    Glove Box Issue

    So......I reach over to open my glovebox and the latch pops and hangs down at a 45 degree angle. After reading the write-up on myturbodiesel I see that since my car is a 2003 I have the later style box without the pins for the latch so something must have given way inside the door itself. I...