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    1st DIY TB R&R Gained 3 MPG so far.

    Guys, When I bought the car I negotiated for a TB R&R. That was done by a VW dealer prior to purchase, car had about 38K but due to being 13 yrs old tried being proactive. Just after getting the car in 2013 I went to my 1st GTG in Winnsboro SC met DanG144 and in minutes Dan and Dan from ADW...
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    Boost + Squirrel = No Boost

    Just a story, not great but a story. Car has been running great, Westach combo gage and boost ramp up is like its linked to go pedal. Went to lunch yesterday, car was absolutely flat, revved up by no real go power. Got back to the office, popped hood, nothing. Drove home, scanned codes, got...
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    6 Week Status, many fixes. VNT, IM etc.

    TDIclub, Sort of an update and slight introduction. Bought a 2000 Beetle 5 spd. With 38,400 miles. Today it has 43,400 miles on it. I did a bit of research first and knew there woud be a few areas of concern. Here's what has been done so far. Timing belt at VW dealer before purchase. SC GTG...