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    Automatic braking = end of the manual transmisson?

    I saw this announcement today. Looks like VW and Audi are part of the agreement. As a die hard manual transmission user I can't help but wonder if this agreement will mean the end of the manual...
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    Imported TDI's and 'dieselgate'

    I, and I am sure others, am in an interesting situation as dieselgate unfolds. I originally purchased my 2012 Golf in Canada and when I moved to the US for work in 2015 I imported my car. As was discussed here in another thread those of us with imported TDI's are not eligible for either...
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    TPMS Install on a 2012 for US import

    I had resurrected an older thread elsewhere but thought I would post a new thread here to see if anyone had dealt with this before. I have a 2012 Golf that I am rather fond of and would like to take with me when I move south for a new job. Unfortunately when I got the compliance letter it...