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    fog lamps

    So my TDI did not come with fog lamps, it has a blank piece of plastic next to the turn signal/parking light, but it has a wiring harness attached to the back side of the blank plastic. Is that wire live? I bought a set of fog lamps + the dummy lens that sits next to it from a junked car out...
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    How many 97 passat tdi were made/sold in the US

    Kinda curious as I read that the TDI didn't sell very well in its earlier models and also not many were made for the US market. How many do you think are on the road today in working order? Id assume not too many as mine while mine is not completely rotted with rust it does have some...
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    Aftermarket seats

    Hey I was curious if anyone has put aftermarket seats in their a3 Passat? And if so which did you use (pictures if possible) and how difficult was the install. I hate these seats they are old, have no padding left and squeak like hell.
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    what are these pipes called

    Hey guys was watching a youtube video and was wondering what these custom pipes are called and maybe where I could get some?
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    Downpipe for TDI

    Hey guys just curious if anyone has any idea on where I can get a downpipe for my 97 tdi either OEM or aftermarket is fine, just whoever owned it before me did a hell of a job ruining the exhaust they cut the CAT out and tried to weld some pipe in and who knows how long ago it was but it’s...
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    First timer... questions, issues...

    Hey guys first time VW owner, first time diesel owner, first time euro owner. Just bought a 97 Passat TDI sedan with 330k from a guy for $700. He told me it was running well and he was driving it 120 miles a day every day for like 6 months straight until the water pump went bad (he told me he...