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    MN Chat Thread

    Below is the response I received from MN DSV. I requested they flag my vehicle as sold and provided VWGoA's Corporate location in Herndon, VA and Auburn Hills, MI since that was the return address from the Final Offer letter. "When a vehicle is sold we recommend filing a report of sale...
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    MN Chat Thread

    I completed my buyback the afternoon of the 20th at Luther in Burnsville. How you described the process, plus completing the mileage certification, was how it went. I was not overly concerned about the NoS aspect since I felt there was sufficient email traffic to show I had actually...
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    How long did you wait on phone?

    I called yesterday morning at 7:30, on hold for 3 hours with no option for a callback or leave a message. There was an issue with one of my docs (the email notification I received of the error was not even close to the actual error), but the rep was very helpful then reset my account so I could...
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    Gen 1 fix approved?

    Likely this. If the schedule in the Exhibit 3 doc released with the proposed settlement is still accurate (I have not checked to see if this was updated with the approved settlement), VW's expected submittal date and final submittal deadline for each Gen are: Gen 3 (initial mod) - 29 Jul...
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    Response from VW today

    I uploaded my docs on the 29th and I have the same messages as you. My Step 15, is a light green color (13 & 14 are gray) so I assume our docs are still being reviewed.
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    Read (and quote) the entire (d); it only says "may deny" and only with regard to not meeting the failure criteria for the OBD inspection (I am not sure how or if this ties in with the emissions issues). The last part of (d) also explicitly excludes (a) and (b) as reasons to deny registration...
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    Unfair for recent sellers of tdi?

    Assuming CA applies for their share of the environmental remediation funds (and would they pass up $381M+?), this is not correct. If they apply for the funds they will be bound by the terms of Appendix D to DoJ's consent decree. See paragraph 4.2.9; they will not be able to deny registration...
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    But remember, per Appendix D & D-1 of the DoJ consent decree most states have the opportunity to "wet their beak" (for Godfather II fans) if they submit the form to apply for the funds, and I doubt any state would pass up the free money. Assuming they apply, they are then bound by the terms of...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    My driving needs have changed (now retired so no longer have a commute) but a GTI, Golf R and BMW 230i are on my short list of replacements. I am not ready to give up that 3rd pedal so no Audis (at least at the present time) made the list. My other vehicle is a BMW X3 so don't really need the...
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    What's the rush on turning the car in?

    Specific references please that lead you to believe that. Everything I have read in the settlement agreements lead me to believe that any increased fines VW may pay (for not reaching the 85%, for example) would go into the environment remediation trust buckets, not to the owners settlement...
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    Ksing44, nicely written! My situation is very similar to yours except I am now retired so I no longer have a commute. If I still had a commute, I would probably cross my fingers and continue driving my TDI, then hope for a fairly quick fix with the extended warranty. Even without a commute...
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    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    But I am not so sure this will even be an issue. According to Appendix D to the Partial Consent Decree, every government entity listed in Appendix D-1 that submits the required Certification Form (necessary to receive their allocation of the $2.7B in funding), would then be bound by the terms...
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    While I generally agree with your comments the one factor that makes me consider the "get all I can" approach is the $4.7B that goes to "environmental relief." To me that is just government extortion to send money to politically-connected organizations. Sorry for the 'polictical' comment but...
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    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    From the Settlement Agreement Definitions: 2.42. “Funding Pool” means the maximum $10,033,000,000 funding pool from which Class Members will be compensated and is the same funding pool described in the FTC Consent Order and the DOJ Consent Decree. The Funding Pool is based on an assumed 100%...
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    Who loves their CR and will take no money from VW?

    I will likely keep mine; the Buyback and Mod offers are just not compelling enough given I like the car: the way it drives, the fuel economy and it's still in good shape. Plus it is paid for, TB has been done and bought Hakka R2s last fall so too many miles yet to drive!! Plus may consider a...
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    TDIFest 2016 is coming to Wisconsin

    Registration completed and hotel reserved. Looking forward to my first TDIFest!
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    Long-time lurker on this (very interesting) and the other DG threads. My JSW is paid for (and only 132k miles) so depending on the buyback amount I could see getting into a Golf TSI (I am now retired so not driving nearly as much), GTI or perhaps even a Golf R (I would like to get into...
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    I'm not 100% confident on this but believe Kevin generally uses VW OEM parts he gets from Witham VW's parts department in Waterloo/Cedar Falls. Best thing would be to contact Kevin and ask. For what it's worth, the 2 timing belts he replaced on my '03 were done at 83k and 176k miles.
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Long-time lurker on this site but I would like to recommend Kevin Lichty at Lichty Automotive in Waterloo, Iowa. He specializes in VWs and Audis but has expanded to include other European makes as well. I've been taking my VWs ('84 GTI, '85 Jetta Turbodiesel, '96 Passat Wagon TDI, '01 New...