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    ALH pump leak hose damage

    When my pump leaked, the diesel damaged the small coolant hose below it. I purchased a new hose but originally it is tied to and other hose and they are routed across the front of the engine and up the right hand side of the engine compartment. Replacing it looked like one of those 30 minute...
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    ALH vs ASV wiring

    Is the ECU pin-out the same for ALH (2002) and the ASV. I understand the nozzles are different and the turbo may also be different. Is all the rest of the engine management system the same between the two. Thanks
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    Injector calibration

    Nozzle calibration. Boisio nozzles can be calibrated by DBW. I have a new set of Bosch P 520’s purchased years ago. (side note: my original intent was to use the P 520’s and an AFN ECU to bring the power up.) Today a Calif. Bosch service center said that they cannot set both pressures and that...
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    Biger nozzles and the Catalytic converter

    ALH TDI’s sold in the USA have a catalytic converter. When larger nozzles are installed and no other changes made, will the catalytic converter be overheated as would happen with a gasser running rich. I did an install of larger nozzles (1019’s) and it smoked like a train. I changed the IQ and...
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    VW Audi rebuilt by Cummins

    Does anyone have any information on the VW Audi of Canada, factory rebuilt engines, rebuilt by Cummins O.E.R. Example PN 028 100 008HX This appears to be a rebuilt 1Z Thanks Jet 02 ;)
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    VW rebuilt 1Z no serial number

    I have a VW factory rebuilt engine, or so it says on the gold sticker on the block. Now the rub, I have cleaned the area of the block off where the engine number should be and it is blank. Is this normal for a factory-rebuilt motor to have no serial number? Any info please. Thanks Jet 02
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    Readiness code reset

    Readiness code reset I am due a California emissions test on my ’02 Jetta TDI. So today I ran a VagCom scan using a Ross Tech KII-USB cable and version 10.X software. A full scan showed one error code in an air bag module (under voltage). So I cleared all codes.. Wrong thing to do. I had thus...
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    190/300bar injector bodies

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to using 190/300bar vs. 144/220bar injector bodies when installing larger than stock nozzles? Application AHU and ALH. Tom
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    FAQ B4 timing belt instructions

    What happened to those great timing belt replacement pictures? I was just about to have my son read through before attempting it and I checked first and found all the pictures in the write-up are missing. Years back the FAQ timing belt instructions were a great help with my bought dead...
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    Rover 200TDI mechanical pump on a VW TDI

    Does anyone have any experience using a Rover 200TDI mechanical injection pump on a VW TDI. Injector cracking pressures are about the same as those for an AHU? The Rover sprocket is the same diameter and tooth count.
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    AHU ECU Ti signal

    I am trying to find the Ti, or in a gasser engine the "injection pulse width" equivalent signal from the TDI AHU brain. It may also be called the fuel consumption signal. In some applications it is one of the signals used to generate the miles/gallon. This signal is used in automatics to adjust...
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    Now the clutch ?

    Hello, A little history… I finally bought a TDI, a 2002 Jetta, 91k miles, with a seized motor. Story is that it was idling in the driveway when it locked up. It had a crack in the pan and a puddle of oil under it. Trailered it home. Dropped pan… all inside look good! (But getting used diesel...