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    In Anaheim on Vacation and threw a code, anyone with Vag-Com around?

    As the title states, one the way here on Vacation I threw a code and got the old "Emissions workshop" on the MFD. If anyone around the Anaheim area has vag com to help me check the code it would be much appreciated. I will be here a couple more days, then I have a 1040 mile drive home...
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    Mythbusters Diesel Diaries on the 09 TDI Jetta

    I was just killing some time watching thee Mythbusters on discovery channel and it appears that they are now doing a little advertising for the 2009 TDI Jetta. You guys should check it out and tell me what you think?
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    Had my Exhaust done this weekend!

    Had my Exhaust done this weekend! (Sound Clip added 3/15) Added Video: Right Click on Exhaust Video and Save target as...To somewhere on your computer. Soothappens and I had our exhaust systems opened up this weekend! The guy who did it at the Exhaust Shop...
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    My MKV Jetta Stereo has no bass! What to do?

    I didn't notice that my Jetta didn't have any bass until we bought my wife a MKV Rabbit. Her car has an amazing amount of bass, but mine has none. My brother who bought a Jetta 2 days before me had his stereo throw a fault code, so he got his stereo replaced and it sounds much better than...
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    Wow, my TDI doesn't need anything and is doing great, Thought you'd like to know!

    Well, this is in response to another thread about VW's TDI's not being reliable. Well, so far, mine is!! I know I have relativly low miles but, I have had it for more than 15,000 miles and its doing great. My rear breaks aren't gone, my clutch is doing fine, and all I have had to do is...
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    FS - OEM MKV Grille off '06 Jetta

    I have my stock grille on ebay right now. It ends on 03/02/2007 at 14:10 PST if anyone is interested in bidding on it. I just switched over to the GLI grille the other day and honestly don't have the space to hold...